Which YoYoFactory Metal?

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I have a Dv888, which I like. Which YoYoFactory Fundermetal is best? Please explain why.

P.S. I ran this question earlier, but only one person responeded. Please respond!!!

Well all the yo-yos in the voting thing on the top (I don’t know what they are called) are great yo-yos. Just go with whatever you think looks cool.

Hi Apetrunk. Yay.

The tactic, boss and lunatic is an undersize.
The g5 and genesis is fullsize. And only g5 of all yoyo listed above has hubstack.
All are great throw i belive, even though i never try the tactic.

If you like the size of your dv888, pick tactic, boss or lunatic, the lunatic play quite similar to the dv888.
If you want to try fullsize yoyo, try the genesis or g5, keep in mind that the genesis is way biger than the dv888, it might be odd throwing a fullsize yoyo if you used to throw an undesize yoyo.

Expand beyond YYF people! Seriously!

Look at the Wedgie by Big Brother Yoyos if you like undersized, or the Bully if you like bigger yoyos.

Maybe look at the YYJ metals and metal rimmed yoyos. You don’t need a metal yoyo to be good. Heck, I use plastics way way way more than metals.

Vivo, why should he go with the cheapest, especially since half those yoyos are the same price?

Iamme, please don’t spam. There was no need for all those faces. Thanks.

(Really there’s not a need for this thread at all… Just throwing it out there…)

Well said apetrunk.
Its true though yyf made good yoyo, but thats not made them the best.

I tried the adegle sandglass and its feels as good as genesis, wider, and i want one.
I tried the hspin nvx, and its really good, and i want one.

Its not wrong to want a yyf yoyo, buy them if you want to, but also consider other company throws.

You might be amazed.

Personally, I do not like the Fundametal line. I’ve tried the Genesis and DV888, and both are viby, and not as great as yoyos of the same price range. Fool’s Gold Bassalope/M1. To date, M1 is my least viby yoyo. So yeah, you can try a Project 2, a Fool’s Gold by CLYW, an Hspin.etc. All are the same price range, and might be equal to or better.

I say if you like YYF you should try their products.

Eventually you are going to notice other companies as you mature with your yoyoing and you’re gonna wanna see what they have to offer. I was like you when I started I only wanted to throw YYF but now CLYW and SPYY have both caughten my eye… if I could only get my hands on one.

My son had a genesis that was dead smooth and my DV888 was dead smooth so…

I say nothing.

I am relatively new to yoyoing and I make no bones about it.
But one thing that I have realized is that ANY YOYO IS GOOD!!
Ever since I joined the forum, I’ve seen this trend (I know, I am guilty of this) of “which yoyo is the best?” As a matter of fact my first post was a thread-jacker post asking about if i should get the DM.
But you people with DV888s and Bosses etc. should know by now that it doesn’t matter what yoyo you end up getting, as long as it spins on the string long enough to do a trick. Maybe I’m a fast learner but I really don’t think that the concept of this is way to radical to not pick up on in a snap.

Bottom line:
It doesn’t matter what yoyo you get. If you don’t like it, make a B/S/T thread to try and get a different yoyo you think you might like.

I honestly think that that’s why yoyoing is as fun as it is. Not only executing fawseome tricks, but always being on the search for that perfect throw.

Just my opinion


For those wondering why I only put YYF on is because I have only tried ONE so I want to see if they live up to the hype. The highest price for me is 80$ (hopefully 60-70). SPYY is out of that price range and CYLW is always sold out. I can’t find the wedgie anywhere either and I heard they retiered the M1. If I can find any of those yoyos, I’ll think about it, but I know a place I live near that sells YYF and that’s why there is only YYFon the list. I’m not mad at those people who said YYF is old or too used, etc.

P.S. I own almost every YYJ so don’t mention those. I also own lots of plastics and I don’t like them.

Bird in Hand has a couple of M1s left. I love my M1.

Like half of the posts said already, DO NOT limit yourself to yoyofactory. Not that they are bad, they are amazing, but every yoyo can be equally good (correct me lol). Try something different. A remnant. An M1. A 4XL!

My friend has a remnant that is terrible. Not my type.
No offense to you, I just don’t like it.

If you have a store near you with them, you can probably try them out, or at least look at them up close. That’s how you’ll want to decide.

Unfortunatly can’t try them out.
If I could, I probably wouldn’t run this poll.

True. They would probably let you hold the package to get a good look at it though. If not, then my bad.

They let me hold the packaging, but it is hard to tell weight and size since it is in a big packaging as with almost all YYF.

Tactic’s and Lunatic’s are a little responsive. But that’s just my experience with them.

No… Any yoyo is good to someone. Doesn’t mean all yoyos will work perfectly for you. It’s like running with the wrong sized shoe