If u could pick.... And they were all the same price

Which Yoyofactory?

7075 supernova

I didn’t care for these models, so the price being the same would be irrelevant to me. Could I maybe suggest the SuperStar as a great YYF metal and let that be a choice for you? I really like the MVP but they don’t make that anymore. I’m looking to get a Proton soon. My all-time favorite YYF metal is the Equalateral.

Are you having problems making decisions? Why not just tell us what sort of stuff you like so we can maybe recommend something that lines up with those preferences.

Well… My current favorites are the chief dietz and dm2 if that helps

I hated the catalyst. I own a supernova (I’ve tried yoyos, but my only expensive metal is the supernova) I like it alot. And I did try the 888x, but a super long time ago… Any way, I’d go with supernova, maybe 888x

If you have a chief none of these will be an upgrade unless your chief is beat. They will be different. But really, for YYF Superstar or Genesis are two good bets.

“Better” is a very subjective term. I much prefer my Supernova and Genesis to my Chief.

I’d go with the Supernova out of those 3. Many a major contest has been won with that yoyo.


7075 Supernova.


Wow I got both I’m totally biased Right now lol

Is it really better then the 888x?

From those choices, I’d put the Supernova in my cart.

Can anyone give a good explanation?

It’s a really nice yoyo…? You can’t go wrong with anything YYF. I just happen to like CLYW more :slight_smile:

I didn’t word that well. I meant that none of them will really be an upgrade, they will just be different. I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Better performance, comfortable shape, inner grind ring, plus it looks nicer imo and without the noisy hubstacks (which really aren’t necessary).

Whilst I haven’t tried an 888x, I’ve tried a Boss which has very very similar stats and shape, as well as a Skyline which again, has similar stats and shape. I was rather dissapointed by both of these and it further proved that for the most part you just can’t get the same stability or spin out of an undersized throw as you can from a full sized or oversized one (although I’ve yet to try a YYR Messiah or Spyy Supra). Also I’ve heard mixed reviews of the 888x and some of them were less than favourable.

If you know that you like smaller throws, or you explicitly prefer the look of the 888x then go for it. But if you are unsure and you want the best performance (stability and spin) then the Supernova is the better option hands down. I use my trusty blue Supernova Lite as my daily walkaround carry for a reason… it’s a delight to throw.


The supernova my brother has (6061) is stable, fast, and solid.

I haven’t tried the other two, but I have a 7075 Supernova, and if you’re looking for pure performance you definitely can’t go wrong with the 7075 Supernova, It’s really a good yoyo, on par with some of the best throws out there. It’s really stable, solid, quick, and has great spin/momentum.
The 7075 Catalyst is great too, look into it.

I think of the three you mentioned, the 7075 supernova is probably the only I can see people still competing with 5 years from now.
Plus, not only does 7075 (arguably) play better, it’s stronger too.

I’d say supernova…

If you still haven’t realized or made a decision yet your best bet would be the supernova.

The Supernova and Catalyst could not be more different from the 888x. The Supernova and Catalyst are full sized yoyos designed for competition. While I personally love the 888x, it just can’t compete with those 2. So I would say 888x if you want to have fun, and the Supernova or Catalyst if you have the intention of competing.