what yoyo to get

should i get a yyf hot, or a supernova, or a yyf checkmate? my spending limit is about 100 and if you know any better yoyos please tell me

This is in the wrong section :). But that’s okay the mods will take care of it.

For $100…

You probably want something good ah, hmmm ::)…

A Yoyofactory Supernova is really good. Just played one a few hours ago.

A lot of people are going to mention random brands and yoyos. But I think the supernova is a good solid choice.

Listen don’t fill your brain up with too many options just get whichever one you want, they will all play well and no matter which one you choose you will more then likely like it.

Yep^ listen to him :).

3 yoyos narrows it down pretty good.

Out of the three the Supernova as I said is a very very very popular yoyo and is very good.

Just like M.Dev1 said, they all play good!

The supernova is next on my list and I believe there are a few left with the severe combo :slight_smile: that gets my vote as well.

Supernova is superb.

Supernova kills competition play

Supernova gets my vote :slight_smile:

All 3 are competition oriented throws so it really comes down to what shape you want

Supernova + Severe combo for sure.

Love my HOT, but I will have to side with the Supernova for now.

Maybe this is a more obvious reply, but if you have the possibility; try a few out first and then choose! Of course this doesn’t help you if you can only buy them on the internet but still, worth mentioning right? ;D

get a hot

If you want some YYF, then get the new superstar or catalyst. They are amazing especially the new superstar. Im sure the supernova is also a great choice.

New Superstar it is so good, almost my perfect throw, it is wide and a little oversized but it has a great feel to it and can handle alot of speed. Also it is very stable. Also the Stacked catalyst minus the stacks is also great, Supposedly the last run of catalysts so it might get hard to find one soon

nice insight! How are your feelings and ideas of the new supernova?

Get the czm84vk

I haven’t tried a checkmate, so can’t talk about that…

Look at the shape of all three of em, there different. So look at which shape you’d like. I was extremely excited to try a HOT but I didn’t like the shape so much… But it comes with a good bearing! I liked the supernova much much more. It just felt “right”. And the shape is really good for me.

So…tyler vs Harold… Lol

I’m really liking the new 2013 SuperStar and Shutter. You may wish to add these into consideration as well.

Never tried one, so I prefer not to comment, but the shape and weight look nice but it was designed to be great at 5a and great 1a. But the 2013 Superstar is a dedicated 1a beast. It is oversized all around(diameter and width) But if you like the feel of the phenom or phenomizm then you will love the Superstar. But my recommendation is to get what ever one you want also all the special editions of the 2013 superstar are sold out and the severe is a great yoyo, so I would go with one of the new supernovas with severe. Two great throws for the price of one. The severe is a very fast player, and looking back to before I traded mine, something that I wish I had kept. Also delrin gets a nice patina on it with play so it becomes part of you as you play.

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