Best yoyo to get

should i get a yyf hot, a yyf supernova or a yyf checkmate? my spending limit is 100 and if you know any better yoyos to get tell me! and im sorry if this is the wrong category i a new to the forums

I say Supernova, maybe there’s a few free Severez left! I’m loving my 2013 Supernova and HOT, can’t say for CZM8 though. Haven’t played one. I would go for the Supernova or HOT. Just decide which one looks cooler and get it. I like either.

Oh my god, such an easy answer, get the CZM84VK it’s soooooooooooo good. Also spent the rest on a twisted trifecta bearing because I don’t prefer the standard YYF bearings.

2013 Superstar or the RecRev Since/Saw come to mind on the “lower price” side of things. Ain’t nothing wrong with a YYJ Theory either.

Going up, any One Drop near $100 as well as the Burnside, or the C3 Trident.

Don’t care for the HOT or the SuperNova and the CZM8 just isn’t catching my eye. Just preferences, nothing more. Even so, I do like YYF and they make a lot of great stuff.

listen i have a czm84vk and i actually hated it a t first but know i absolutly love this thying. after you get by the lack of charecter and uniqueness then you will realiuze how [shadow=red,left]amazing it is[/shadow] i absolutly love it. for the price it is the best yoyo that you can buy at the price

If you strictly want YYF, out of what you’d mention, I’d go with the Czech Mate. If you’re willing to branch out I’d go for an Eternal Throw Victory, yyj Theory, if you can find an inspire that isn’t the last batch they made(seemed to have a weird vibe to me, maybe just my throw), One Drop Yelets is pretty amazing, if the final production of the rally is like the prototype I played at PNWR id definitely get that, Rec Rev Sine//saw looks good along with the @, there’s also the Yoyojam SR-71 which I find amazing, the dm2 is a good “go to”, the yyf Delrin severe plays amazing, the Magic Yo Shark’s Honor plays like a 80-100 dollar yoyo, if you’re willing to go a bit over then I’d get the YYJ Diamond Back. The thing plays absolutely amazing