Best YoYo Under 100$?

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering what you guys think is the best yoyo under 100$? I am looking at a YYF Supernova, or a YYF Catalyst. Excuse my noobie-ness, I’ve only been throwing for 4 months, and all I have is a YYF DV888 (which I am not complaining about.)

Well then… Just get a supernova.
You already want it…
And it IS awesome.

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YYF Supernova is epic.

I would really recommend the yuuksta, Its undersized, 65 bucks, and WAY better than a dv888, more stable, faster throw, longer spinning, amazing yoyo that is basically an undersized genesis, that in most cases out performs the genesis itself.

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The Ryan Face just read my mind

There is no “best”, there is simply "what’s best for you.

Pick a yoyo in that price range, buy it and enjoy it. They are all good!

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Just pick something that looks cool, you won’t be disappointed.