help me pick my bday present!

I’ve decided to get myself something nice for my birthday. Unfortunately the more I look at yoyos the more problems I have picking one. First I’ll tell you what I have used…

I started with a YYJ Legacy and later moved to the DV888. Lately I’ve been going back and forth between the DV888 and the b-grade JK I got from the tour pack. I’m working on the advanced 1 tricks on this site.

Since I love my DV888 I thought I would get a 888x. I read some reviews and saw that some people think the 888 isn’t that stable. Then I started looking that the Genesis and Yuuksta. And now Ive been drawn to the Skyline.

I know my current throws are undersized so I thought I would stick with that style which I guess rules out the Genesis.

Has anyone owned both a Yuuksta and a Skyline and wouldnt mind comparing them for me? There is a big price difference in the two so there must be a reason. Anyone who wants to comment on the Genesis compared to these two feel free! I haven’t ruled it out yet.

On a side note, anyone here live near Durham, NC? I need a yoyo friend, preferably old enough to drink :slight_smile:

yuuksta isn’t particularly stable.
and have you tried oversized? you may like it better.
also you don’t have to stick with yyf. there are other great companies out there. like werrd. :smiley:

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what’s the ceiling on your price range??

While YYF does make quality throws i recommend getting away from them and enjoying other companies. For undersized I highly suggest the RecRev Oscillatrix. For $63 it is amazing and outplays my new foolsgold avalanche ( may not be as smooth but is as stable and spins longer for me ). Any other questions ask away!

I second that RecRev Oscillatrix. It’s an awesome throw. Also, the Hspin Beysick is one of my favorites in that $60 price range.

the yuuksta was my fav throw for a few months and i think it is a great throw. i still think it is one of my better throws. umm not sure of ur price range so ill make it a little harder for you to pick by throwing out some names of my fav yoyo’s

the new Di Base by c3
C3 trident
werrd irony, poo split D or 4xl
yys solid

if i were u knowing that the skyline is in there and is over $100 i’d go for the c3 trident or the werrd irony as my top pics then the rest the yuuksta though is still up there so much better than ur dv888

Thanks for the replies guys! To answer your questions…

-I have thought about trying bigger yoyos but I figured if I was gunna spend over $100 I should get an undersized since I know I like that. One of these days Ill pick up a cheaper full sized yoyo from the BST to see what I think about that.

-I dont really have a max price but I’m gunna say $150 because spending any more than that on a yoyo would blow my wife’s mind!

-The reason I have stuck with YYF is because my best yoyos are from them. Ive never played with anything from the smaller companies. Unfortunately there arent any shops around me that have high end yoyos. Ive thought about branching out but its hard to spend over $100 having never seen any of their stuff in person.

-Now with all these new recommendations its going to be my b-day next year before I make up my mind! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help guys! Feel free to keep the suggestions coming.

the irony is amazing. imho, it’s the best performing yoyo I’ve ever used.
But for some great undersized stuff:

(these are just going to be of things I’ve tried, and would recommend)
Noctu (the original one)

Of all those, top 3 I’d say would be Entheos (haven’t tried the production run yet, but I’m sure they’re amazing), Noctu (2008 blue one), and pacquiao. The weight may be alarming, but it really does play amazingly well.

I know what you mean. At our local shop, they only carry YYF, so those were all I could try out. I eventually convinced myself to buy a OneDrop and I loved it! Now I have yoyo’s from several different companies. But I think a good starting point if you were going to try out one of the smaller companies would be OneDrop. If you like the DV888, I think you will LOVE the Dietz or the Cafe Racer.

LOL… I should have known that asking for advice would just make it harder to make up my mind… ARRGG! Back to reading reviews…

By the way, if you’d like to try out a fullsize yoyo and you want something inexpensive but fun, try the Starlite. It’s inexpensive, plays great, and it glows in the dark.

Well here is my two cents. I have used the yuuksta, genesis, mvp, and skyline…

If you want undersized then go for the skyline, it spins just as long (maby tiny bit longer than my genesis did). It has pretty good stability for a small yoyo, I just wish that they would make them without the stacks. Good competition yoyo as well.

The genesis is one of my all time favorites, great stability and great spin time, can’t really go wrong with it…also has a great price for competition grade.

strongly strongly do not recomend the yuuksta, underwhelming spin and bad stability. Please don’t get it.

The best competiton yoyo that I have at the moment is my mvp, spins longer than the genesis, feels lighter and can move faster if you want, not very floaty, and the stability is amazing. This yoyo I would recomed if you have money to burn.

If you are on a tight budget then get the genesis but if you can afford it then go for the mvp unless you want undersized then get the skyline.

Also I live in Ernul, N.C about 15 minutes away from new bern. So closer than most people on here but still a little ways away from durham.

Well I think Im just about settled on the Dietz. Ive read a lot of good things about One Drop and I do want to try something that isnt YYF. I was interested in the Oscillatrix but couldnt find a lot of info out there. Maybe its too new. I might also buy a used Genesis so I can check that out too.

Thanks everyone for the help!

Maybe i’ll write a review on the Oscillatrix :slight_smile: It is too darn amazing. Oh, and good choice, I’ve never thrown a OD but everyone seems to love them. Enjoy your new throw!

Yup. Lots of players, and no two players are alike and hence there’s no matching opinions. I find asking for help to be just an effort in seeing how much information your brain can absorb before you have to take a nap to process it. Models and brands are being thrown at you from all sides including stuff you never even considered.

Isn’t yoyo fun?

As they say around here at YYE: Make the simple amazing.
It also makes the simple COMPLICATED! But that’s actually part of the fun too.

I own a Yuuksta but not a Skyline. If you like small yoyos that spin long, get the Yuuksta.