Need some help chosing a new yoyo

Hey guys, I am thinking of buying a new yoyo but i dont know what to get.
Heres the details:
I like undersized yoyos (not too undersized)
I like fast but not hiroyuki suzuki fast play
I currently have a yuuksta as my main throw
I like yoyofactory (flexible on other makes though)

888x or axiom(yyj)

This thread will get moved pretty soon… It should be in “looking for help, or recommendation”

it will get moved soon for sure.

anyway, i don’t really like undersize, but i have the chaotic that pretty awesome.

I think the 888x would be great for you or the skyline

If you want something cheaper maybe the dv888 or the pop star

Sorry, I’m new to this whole ‘forum’ thing… :confused:
And um about the 888x, how small would you say it is?

The 888x and skyline are both great and undersized as for how small id say really small when you first get them well,smaller than you’d expect they are not huge and not medium theyre not super small like mighty flea they are just very comtartabley small and 2 of the best yoyo’s out there. Between the two id say 888x but if you more of an h-shape go skyline. hope i helped

The YYF Hectic is always nice.

Ok so I’ve had a look at the 888x and the skyline, they both look equally undersized but I’m just concerned about the weight and how they play…

And do you think yoyofactory is a good brand?
I was hoping for someone to recommend me good brand other than yoyofactory,
I’m fed up of using pliers on the bearing >:-|

CLYW Wooly Marmots $65 bucks over at the Caribou Shop