$85(most not even a .1 higher) and lower yoyo should i get


what 85 dollar yoyo should i get leave your post and what ever has the most ill pic


size doesnt matter but i would rather it be undersized


Yoyofactory Yuuksta. Enough Said.

(laxdude99) #4

I would get a yuuksta and one


Is that including shipping? also, need references


I think if you prefer undersized buy Yuuksta, but if you want to try full size, maybe Super G or Rockstar 2012


lol thanks but i bought a remnat verson 1 i tried my friends out


Wow, way to have some YYF fanboys reply to the thread…

I you like undersized, there are a few yoyos that you simply must try.

CLYW CampFire
OneDrop Y Factor
YYJ Hitman Pro

Those are all incredible yoyos. Just pick the one that YOU like the most.


yuuksta is great! super fast and smoot. Although the super G looks interesting. i havn’t tried it, but it looks really good. Otherwise try and Exit 8 from duncan