good undersized yoyo

well I want to buy an undersized yoyo. My budget is 80$ but I think I can make it more. I am looking for stable and fast yoyo. I already have a Hitman and Hitman pro. Please help me

well $80 budget is like huge, almost any yoyo. and what level of play are you?

A YYF Tactic…I’ve heard great things on Protege, A yyj Axiom is heard to spin and stable for a long time, no vibe, genesis great famous one, YYF Boss, Supernova, or YYJ ENEME. There are a lot of others such as one frop or clyw really go chose

Undersized you typed? The dingo is waiting young grasshoppa. You won’t regret it, and if you do, then there’s always B/S/T. ;D


One Drop Y-factor
One Drop Dingo
One Drop Markmont Next
Duncan Raptor
Duncan Hugo Z Hor
YYF Protege
YYF Hectic
YYF Yuuksta
YYF Lunatic
YYF Mighty Flea
YYF Big Deal
CLYW Campfire
Dream Yo Pixy
SPYY Stryker
SPYY Skyy Chaser
String Theory Singularity
String Theory Remnant
Yomerica Hand Candy
YoYoJam Axiom

Oh sorry I haven’t write it, I am in the advanced 2/expert 1

y factor best 80 dollars you will ever spend :wink:

you can’t just say that though there are man others that can be the “best” you will spend.

If you can get 90, a Battosai will serve you very well.

I say dingo for undersized… In my opinion, it outplays the y factor, and every ore undersized Ives thrown

the undersized that i most enjoy in my collection are string theory quark and singularity, both excellent and long spinning. Yuuksta is very good, so is the chaotic. if u can go up, i would recommend the spyy supra which is superb.

I narrowed the yoyoes I want, between Y-factor,Protege,BOSS, and Tactic.

IMO, Tactic is a budget yoyo, and there are some people who do think that budget yoyo’s are usually not good. This fact SHOULD be proved fake but Y-factor seems to out-do some. For me, I think the
Y-Factor will serve you well.

Yuuksta is awesome. Get one of those

Yuuksta is a verygood yoyo which in fact can compare to all high end but still IMO Y-Factor can comapre to Yuuksta. Yuuksta can be another choice too!

i would go with a skyline, especially if you want to try hubstacks

I’ll be getting a DTI beast soon. I’ll let you know how they play :slight_smile: They’re only 50

but the skyline is too expensive for me

please write the review

Out of the four that you listed, I would definitely recommend the Protege. Amazing stability in a perfect size and shape; it’s probably my second best player.

The Boss would be the next one I’d recommend. My beater Boss was one of the smoothest throws in my collection, and handled everything I threw at it without a problem - I’m just more partial to the Protege’s shape.

I would not recommend the Tactic. My Tactic was one of my less stable throws, and while it was certainly a great yoyo, it was never one of my best players.

I have a Y-Factor coming in the mail; when it gets here I’ll let you know what I think about it.

Remnant 2 will be out soon and it is beasty!!!