Popstar vs G funk vs DV888


Um… I am going to get a new yoyo for Christmas, and I am wondering what I should buy. It is less than $100, so I am thinking of buying an undersized yoyo. Which one would be best?

  1. Popstar by yyf
  2. G- funk by yyf
  3. DV888 by yyf

I want a yoyo that is comfortable and good to carry around and use. Also I am seeking for decent amount of sleep time and stability. Which one should I buy?

P.S: I don’t really do grinds so it’s okay if it isn’t good at grinding :slight_smile:
Also can anyboy recommend me a yoyo under $100 that fulfills what I’m seeking for?


Lose the Popstar. Sorry, I just dislike this one.

Don’t care for the G-Funk. My son has one, but he his DM2 over it and he’s 6. It’s not bad, it’s just not for me. As far as your other requirements, it’s excellent and meets all of those. It will grind good as the shape really works for that. A good yoyo for sure. As I said, just isn’t for me. I don’t dictate to my kid what he can or can’t like. I would appreciate it if he’d leave my Albatross alone, it’s become one of his favorites. Did I mention he’s 6?

dv888: another yoyo that’s not really for me. Good, solid, stable, all that good stuff. Also meets all your requirements. Can also grind good. It does play a bit heavy on the string, but to put that weight in such a small space, you gotta have those big thick rims, which at the same time give the dv888 all the features that you want and that are strengths of it’s design. It is good. I have one.

So, narrow it down to the dv888 and G-Funk.

But, since your budget is less than $100, have you considered the One Drop Dietz? However, the price has gone up since I’ve gotten one. The asking price at Nationals(store prices, not booth prices) was $85 at the time, now it’s $95. The Markmont Next is also $95, undersized and loads of fun, but I think I like the Dietz a bit better. The Dietz is a better value due to the side effects system.

Checking my collection real fast, most of my metals are full sized. There’s plenty of plastics I have that are undersized, such as the XCon Pro, Hitman pro and Lyn Fury.

The Token is good but maybe too small, but it’s much better than the Popstar. I enjoy it. It’s a fantastic trainer yoyo to make you get better, while still being a decent performer. I think though the dv888 and G-Funk would be better, since they are heavier, so you get MORE spin time, MORE stability. The Token, thrown properly is very stable though. It may be a bit too small.

Keep in mind, your biggest allies for long sleep time and stability is a good strong throw. Regardless of what you get, they need to be thrown properly or they won’t do what you want. This is true no matter what yoyo you end up choosing.

So, those are my thoughts.


Thank you so much! I’ll think about it again :slight_smile:


Just wanted to reply to this statement:

You can get great yoyos that are not undersized for less than $100. If you have “undersized” as a criteria because of the size, that’s one thing. But if you are looking at undersized because of a potential cost savings, I wouldn’t.

I don’t have a tonne of yoyos to compare, but I think you’d have a hard time going wrong with something like a C3 Capless, which is far less than $100 while not being undersized.

Just throwin’ this out there. :wink:


I don’t throw undersized much. I do have the G-Funk and Popstar. Not a big fan of the Popstar but I like the G-Funk a lot. It plays bigger than it is. However, my favorite undersized in my collection is the C3 Di Base. Fast, wide, super fun throw. Be sure to give it a look.