Nova or Yuuksta or G-Funk


Hi everyone! I need some help choosing which yoyo to buy. Which do you prefer out of the three? I want to take one of these undersized yoyos around with me. If this helps, I can bind well, I need a yoyo that can play fast but is also stable and has a long sleep time. Also, what are your thoughts on each yoyo? Are there any other undersized yoyos that you think play better than all three of them?


Are there other brands available that you can get? what’s your budget?

Me personally, I am not a fan of an of those, but all three of them will do everything you need and then some, so it’s a matter of preferences. You might need to clean the bearings or maybe upgrade the bearing, but other than that, you shouldn’t have any issue with any of these.

The One Drop Y-Factor and Yelets comes to mind fast. The CLYW Gnarwal is another one that just spins forever for me.

If you’re willing to step up the size a touch, the RecRev Silly Goose and the C3 Di Base and Di Base 2 are also excellent choices that will also meet your needs and may save you budget dollars.


I personally love the g funk. Super stable, smooth, fast, it’s just great for the price you can get it.

I haven’t tried the yuuksta or the nova but I own a supernova and a genesis and the yuuksta is the undersized version of the genesis and the nova the undersized of the supernova.

I hear that the yuuksta lacks some stability though so it might not be great for what you want…

The supernova is amazing so the nova would probably be very nice. Between the g funk and the nova, just get the one you think looks coolest.


Yuuksta will be hard to find, so I’d count that out. I have not used the other two, but have used their bigger brothers the super g and supernova. I prefer the supernova I got back in 2010 I think. I like it so much I am buying a new 2012 supernova. It is great!