What to get?

Hi yoyoexpert community.

I was just wondering what yoyo i should get my hands on.
I love undersized yoyos that fit well in the hand.

Specs are:I like

Around 65-67 grams



Long sleeping

I was thinking about a Crucial half in half, Spyy Punchline, General Yo Ministar
Never thrown these yoyos so would like to know if good or not.

Price range anywhere to $100

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Totally Yuuksta

U sure? Because that was definitely my next choice lol.

Is it smooth/stable?

I haven’t throwed a Yuuksta, but guessing that its an undersized genesis and that it has alot of rim weight it probably is stable.

very smooth look

Watch the vid. It is also quite stable BTW I have one

got my Yuuksta today.
comes with center track bearing (which somehow spins four times as long as my ceramic kk)
surface is very smooth,
it barely rotates at all when sleeping (compared to lyn fury), has no wobble,
long sleeper,
The side of the yoyo stays on my finger for thumb grinds,
LOVE the color.

Yes on Yuuksta!

Yuuksta is amazing I have one and it rocks but It is pretty small

IMO i like small yoyos they just fit in the hand better

The Yuuksta would be a great choice for you. It matches everything you said. And yes it’s long sleeping, stable, and smooth. Great choice IMO.