Yoyo Factory popstar quick review

Yoyo factory popstar quick review
http://www.yoyonation.co.uk/images/T/popstarthumb.jpg http://www.euro-yo.com/acatalog/yoyofactory-pop-star-red-p-200.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_LxiGvxqdbDA/TOvE4NMoEqI/AAAAAAAAAGQ/r05l1yJlvH0/s1600/5167441394_7a8bf83dab_z.jpg
First thoughts

WOW! just looking inside the box and seeing a yoyo that small is really a sight to behold, especially if you have never seen an undersized yoyo before. And it’s quite a beauty with it’s great anodizing colors and it’s familiar shape resembling the hectic/ protostar.


Diameter - 1.73 inches
Width - 1.26 inches
Gap - .19 inches
Mass - 66.5 grams
Response - silicone/ pads
Bearing - size C


My first few throws were completely pathetic! Before this I have never seen and undersized throw, so getting used to the unstable nature of this yoyo was a disaster until I had thrown it enough times to compensate. Once I was able to keep it straight, I found it’s sleeping ability is just as good as my other full size throws. It’s dense rims provide good momentum on a good throw. Because of it’s small size, getting used to stability is not the only challenge you have to overcome. The small width does not allow for a large catch area, but these are thing you should expect and will ultimately make you a more stable and accurate player. Grinds are a walk in the park. It’s smooth finish provides an amazing surface for finger and palm grinds ( IMO finger grinds work the best). Thumb grinds are a challenge because there is not a very big space for your thumb. Whips are a challenge because of the small width, and slacks because of the lack of stability. But the width makes
It unnoticeable in the pocket… Very comfortable.

For the price

At $26 this is really a bargain. Other yoyos of similar size go for
CLYW campfire - $75
Might flea - $65 + $15 for stacks. So that is how it compares to a few other throws.


Inexpensive - $26
Good sleep time
Improves player stability and accuracy
Good pocket size


Requires more accuracy
Difficult thumb grinds

Final thoughts

All in all this is an amazing yoyo that arouses intrigue from uninformed spectators. And for $26 you can’t bead dead smooth with a high fun factor. IMO it could be a main throw, but I would suppose most won’t. This yoyo is geared toward advanced players, but if you decide to pick one up you won’t be disappointed. It’s one I enjoy a lot of time with.

yeah… i just got 1 and it is amazing!!!

It’s great because it’s small enough to keep in your pocket but the learning curve for the stability issue is problematic. Sleeps for a long time, nearly vibe free, but slowly flopping over on multiple combos drives me crazy.

The ano on mine is cracking. :’(

Sick review! Might be getting one, thanks for helping!

I’ve had mine for a while now (Since Xmas last year). Honestly, this yo-yo has helped me with my accuracy when landing trapezes. Yes, I couldn’t land trapezes for nothing for the longest time. Learning on this tiny throw helped me in the long run land it on my wider profile yo’s (like my Drifter). Due to the small size, it is my ‘go-to’ yo-yo, lives most of its life in my pocket.

this is becoming my main throw in a couple of days…wish me luck.

I love mine! It’s made me a much better player. The colors are great. His yoyo inpspired me to get more pocket throws. Got a Campfire and Ministar comin’ my way.

Campfire is not like the popstar… It’s much bigger…

how does it play compared to a st.eel (2011 one)?

The St Eel is a lot floatier, smoother and more stable.

Yeah, the ministar and campfire are bigger, but are both considered “pocket yoyos”

It Rocks, and it Rolls.

I find my Popstar quite stable.

Good Review for a great Yoyo.

It really is small enough to take everywhere.