G-Funk, Yuuksta,or NOVA?

I have a dv888 now, and my birthday is really soon, and i was wondering which of the three yoyo’s would be the best buy

Well, the G-Funk is kinda undersized. Unless you are ok with that, or want t travel yoyo or something, I’m not exactly a fan of smaller yoyos. Of course, it’s your opinion. I can’t say anything about the NOVA or Yuuksta, I don’t have either. By just reading about then, the NOVA is only a little small, so that shouldn’t matter much… Sorry, i can’t give you more, but… Happy Birthday! :smiley:


yuuksta, nova, and g funk are all undersized at about 1.97".
never tried a nova, but the g funk is better than a yuuksta imho. Yuuksta is way too unstable.

I actually just ordered the Genesis, full sized but a better quality throw that will last me longer

i have the nova and yuuksta
the yuuksta is really stable and fast, not sure whats up with your yuuksta

the nova is smaller than the yuuksta and extremely smooth

Get a Yuuksta