DV888 or G-Funk 🔵🔵⚪️⚪️⚪️


I a thinking about getting a DV888 or a G-Funk. I want smal (which Is why I chose these). I also want smooth and fast.


G funk for sure over those 2

Would also consider these cheap undersized yoyos:
Werrd Minute
yoyofficer fit
recrev neuae
C3 dibase 2


I haven’t played with a g-funk yet but I wouldn’t get the dv888 because it doesn’t fell like it’s worth it. I have the Di Base 2 and it is really awesome! I would get that or you can get the g-funk if you want to.


If you want a small yoyo at that price range get the Werrd Minute.


The G-Funk is a very fun little yoyo. If I had to pick one…I would pick the DV888. It is much cheaper now as well at $29.99 compared to the G-Funks $54.99. It spins longer and has more heft to it, the G-Funk is lighter and faster on string. I like both throws, though it seems I like most, and you will like either as well.


If you really want fast get the g funk
There both smooth but the g funk is a lot faster the dv888 feels like a rock on the string
And the g funk is now 40 bucks


My vote goes to the Werrd Minute. Such a great undersized throw, and way better than the DV888 in my opinion. (Slightly pricier, though)