What should I get

I would like to have it under $60 1a yoyo. Don’t know what to get I’m thinking dv888, g-funk, hatchet, or a shutter but if you have a good yoyo under $60 please put it in the comment section.

Shutter is better than the g funk, and I’ve heard that the dv888 is way worse than the g funk. I’d go with the shutter, especially the blasted ones with CTs. They grind great, are super stable, sorta slow but can go fast if you want it to, and can fingerspin too!

You should look at the Benchmarks

I actually prefer the DV888 to the G-Funk. It’s not exactly the most forgiving on sloppy play and definitely a challenging yoyo to use.

For under $60, your best options would be the Shutter, CZM8 or the C3 Level 6.


i’ve got a weerd minute… highly recomended…

I want a g funk styled yoyo but I want it regular size

That sounds like a Shutter, but if you are willing to spend more the Super G is exactly what you’re describing

I know I want the shutter but yoyoexpert only has misprint, vomit green, or silver which I really don’t like any, and I can’t trust all the other sites so I need to either wait for restock or get a differnt one.

I ended up getting the one drop benchmark v in orange (only color that was in stock)

Thanks man. Hope you enjoy it.

I think I might do a review on it once i get it

YoTricks.com just some back in Stock one been very happy with there delivery and service they do wonderful I order there when ever I can

I can really only trust yoyoexpert I scared that they will steal my info

Plus I already ordered the onedrop

Ok so if u want a great yoyo for a great price get the golden t8 shadow from magicyoyo on amazon it’s an amazing yoyo and it’s only like $20

sorry but I absolutely hate magic yo-yos so does Andre boulay because that have stolen the blueprints of yo-yos from big name companies and copied it directly then just changed the name so I’m just going to stick with the companies that accuracy invent their own yo-yos not copy others

Dood just go with the shutter or dv888 all those other yoyos are in my opinion overrated. If I had to chose shutter or dv888 I’d go with the dv888 but it depends on you.

Get a c3 level 6, it’t really good

I already got a OD benchmark v in orange I don’t need any more suggestions but thanks