Has anyone tried the G Funk from YYF?


It’s either that or the dv888. It’s just the lower price that makes me ask. So if you have experience with the G Funk let the world know what you think of it.


I was thinking of making this exact thread.


I have tried the G-Funk, and it is a fantastic little throw. Like almost all undersized yoyos, there’s no “float” to it; I hear that’s the same with the dv888, however. Have not played a dv888 so I can’t really say which is “better” for me, but I do know that I enjoy playing the G-Funk.


Although I have not tried a G-Funk, I think you should get one while the sale is going on. The DV888 is going to stay at its price point of $45, but you can save $15-$25 (depending on CC or not) if you get the G-Funk. I have a DV888, and I really do like it, but while the sale is going on, you should probably get the G-Funk.


I have tried BOTH! ;D

If you are looking for the better yoyo, absolutely the dv888. If you are just adding something to your collection, get the g funk since it is on sale and you get the coupon as long as you add $10 to your cart.


The G-Funk is very stable, and great for horizontals, and an overall good pocket throw.


I got one back during the YYF Pro Packs. For an undersized, it plays solid on string and does not have a floaty feel in any way. Like the Super G, it is also very good for horizontal. The only ad thing about it that i can think about is that the “shiny” finish does not grind very well.


I’ve tried both and I would rather have ge g funk.
The dv888, to many people, just feels like a rock on the string. Its an okay player, but not good enough for me. A plus is it has a nice shape that you might be used to.
But the g funk isn’t like a rock on a string, it has a weird shape, you might like it. Its the same shape as the super G, im hoping to get one :).
I’d go with G funk, if you like that shape more get it, if you like the dv888’s shape more, get that :slight_smile:


G-funk for sure. It feels smaller but is more stable and lighter/faster. The dv888 is too heavy and is a rock on a string.
The g-funks big brother, the super-g, s my favorite yyf so i might be a little biased.You can probably score a g funk on the bst. I recently let one go for $25 nib.


I enjoy my GFunk, a small and smooth little throw with a little weight to it…and very stable. I also bought one in the Pro Packs sale. This is my GFunk:

Gfunk by The TotalArtist, on FlickrI

Gfunkb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Awesome. This forum is the shit. You guys helped a lot and I appreciate it. I’m going to go with the g funk and save the dv888 for another day. Muchas gracias.


Yes i have its amazing for the price its small but not too small and has a great sleep time and can tackle any trick and its easier to speed up your combos with it get the champions edition though its a lot better


The dv888 sucks in my opinion is super light and its over priced its very expensive beginner yoyo



This is mine