YYF DV888 or YYF G-Funk?




I have the dv888. My son has the G-Funk.

The dv888 I find kinda bland. It’s good. No regrets, just not a throw I go reaching for.

The G-Funk, well, it’s also not “my kind of a throw”. It’s also good. Small, holds stability better than the dv888 when you hit a trick bad, H-shaped, better weight balance. I played my son’s G-Funk, and yeah, I’m glad I got it for him. Works good for his small hands with all the other benefits as well. He likes it a lot.

Keep in mind that while I’m not giving astounding reviews, you have to understand how important preferences are to choosing yoyos. Neither of these really fit my preferences ideally.


Okay, so the dv888: smooth, versatile play range, but, I also think its kinda bland. Not a throw that I would bring if I wanted a unique throw. O yeah, this thing has awesome grinds.
Gfunk: more stable,less of a grinder,less smooth. It has a personality, unlike the dv888. Very good for fast tricks if you like small throws.
Both are pretty good throws though!


I personally like the DV888 more, however I only got to play with a friend’s G Funk for like 10 minutes. I personally like the shape of the 888 and have always used 888s as my main throws since the 07 version. The DV888 is just as smooth as the 888, it has a slightly different shape and those those grooves. It kinda reminds me of the One Drop Project, the grooves are very similar, I suppose it might help with spin time but I like them for the astetics.

If you like the Super G shape over the 888 shape but also like undersized yoyos then the G Funk might be a better bet for you. Just pick the shape you like the best and go with it, they are both smooth and have no issues, my DV888 packs more of a punch, spins a bit longer, and suits my style of playing but you could have a totally different style of play.

I would say that if you are fairly new to yoyoing, have the basic unresponsive play down and looking to learn more advanced tricks the DV888 might be better for you, that is only because I find it more forgiving on a bad throw. And that isnt to say the G Funk isnt a great yoyo to learn tricks on also. From my experience the DV888 shape is a bit more popular but in the past while people have been branching out and trying new shapes that they thought they didnt like only to find out they like them better.

I would also say the DV888 is a very popular “main practice throw yoyo” like the main yoyo people bring with them places, use on breaks at work, they are great and at $45 you dont have to worry about dings and stuff, and can let your non yoyo friends try it out (just to hear them say “WHY WONT IT GO BACK UP??” hahah) without freaking out about damage.

Its up to what shape you like best, I would say the DV888 but you cant go wrong with either one, or maybe both! haha.



G Funk; dv888 if its your first metal.





Dv888 is really good to learn thumb grinds on.


I like dv888 very much. Its my favorite. It has amazing grinds! And I never played g funk