DV888 good or bad


I have heard some good things and some bad things about the dv888 and was wondering what you thought. I know I will get some different opinions, as is the case with yoyos, but I just want to see what the majority is.


Plays like it should for the price. Everything else is just meh. Shape isn’t that interesting, nothing special about it.


It’s pretty amazing. It’s one of my favorite factory metals. You can’tgto wrong with getting one. That being said, get an hour.


I’m a big fan of my dv888, it’s an excellent pocket throw that can really stand up to some higher end yoyos.


It’s good but it plays like a rock on a string.


What was the difference between the 888 and the dv888?




yup to that too!


I’ve played around with both a little bit and i think just about everything is different. The 888 is smaller, different shape, includes hubstacks, and is super smooth. I dont know why they fool people about their relation with similar names.


dv888 plays good for the price, I had a dv888 with a trifecta and i really liked the set up. they’re a little vibey and mine had a factory blemish which wasn’t very cool. for the money I would say go higher end used in b/s/t .


the dm2 also seems a little more versatile in comparison to the dv888


Learned on the dm2. Love it, just not a pocket throw and always out and about. For me the dv888 is a nice portable. I threw a KK in mine, it’s my go to. On my belt or in my backpack for work. Best part it’s cheap I beat the crap out of it and can be easily replaced.


Going to go ahead and say that I disagree with everything scribbles just said.

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I’m going to be different than everyone so far and say I still love throwing my dv888. I’m usually throwing an addiction or superstar, but it always just feels comfortable and fun to pull out the dv888. I find it easy and fluid. No it’s nothing special, no stacks, straight up shape, etc. I just love it because I’m smiling when I throw it again. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sentimentality attached to my DV888 because it was my first unresponsive throw. I still get a smile out of it every time I throw it.



I’m really not a fan.

A few years ago it was one of the very few metals available at that price point. Now there’s a bunch of throws to choose from, from brands such as Duncan, God-Tricks and Shinwoo. Not to mention the much cheaper Magic YoYo brand, which I’d prefer to a DV888.


I like the DV888 but I would go for a Di Base.