Dv888 Vs. G-Funk

I am going to buy either a G-Funk or Dv888 Splash. Which one is better and which should I get?

Dollar for dollar I find the Gfunk one of the best yoyos we make. The it’s a very very stable shape in a diameter not known for stability. This creates a blend of speed from the size with stability from the shape which it pretty hard to find.

I will take your advice and get the G-Funk. You are part of the best yoyo team in the world. You are awesome. I saw some of your 2a videos and i decided to do 1a and 2a. They are both a lot of fun.


One more question. Since i am starting 2a what yoyos would you recomend

I personally would recommend a loop 720 or a loop 900 (if you can afford it)

modded raiders (like the ones jayyo made as a prize of a competition)

I would recommend the yyj Unleashed, it’s easy to change responsiveness on it by tightening and loosening it. I’ve never used the loop 900 but it’s used in many 2a contests, you can also change responsiveness by using a tool.