YYF Nova vs YYF G-Funk

I’ve been thinking to get a new throw around $65. People have told me to get either the Nova or G-Funk. Please help me decide which on I should get! :slight_smile:

Nova definitly. My nova is just like a undersized supernova, great spin times and stability, and it can regen just like the supernova and supernova lite (I have three supernovas and had a supernova lite). The gfunk reminds me too much of the yuuksta, plain and simple, gentry is using his super g for competition and not the gfunk and yuuki is still using the genesis and not the yuuksta. I had a yuuksta and it was just horrible, no stability and hardly any spin time…if the yoyo is a signature yoyo and that person is not using that yoyo then chances are that it is just not as good as what they were using before. I was sketchy about the nova for the same reason but it really is a great throw.

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Ok, I’ve got one vote for the Nova and one vote for the G-Funk. Please tell me which yoyo I should get, why, and the pros and cons of the yoyo you want me to get. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to buy a Nova. :slight_smile:

If you have the nova now I will trade for it.

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