$70 to spend


I just got $100 from my relatives. I just want to spend about $70. I am wondering what a good all metal yoyo I could buy. I want the yoyo to be dead smooth, butterfly shape, and floaty on the string. Weight can be anywhere in the 60s except the low 60s. I was thinking about a YYF Northstar, YYF DV888, YYF 2.0, YYF Nova, or a YYF G-Funk. Please help! :slight_smile:


You said 70 in title and 60 in thread. Anyways I would probobly go for a proto/northstar and a popstar that is together 65$ and if you dont want that then go to a brick and mortar store and get a 2.0.


Thanks man for the fix.


In that case the 33 1/3 and mangaroo are close to that and also like you said the g0funk but it is undersized.


what brand is the 33 1/3 and mangaroo from?




Thanks man


I’ve narrowed it down to only the DV888, Nova, 2.0, and G-Funk. Please tell me which of these I should get and why. :slight_smile:

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I would get a nova its a great overall player for the price and my personnel favorite out of all your choices.


Is a YYF Boss a good choice too?


People have been telling me to get the Nova. However, Yoyoexpert tells me that the G-Funk is the better throw. Please help me decide!



there you go, hehe.


I’ve decided to go buy the Nova. Thanks for all your help!


Cool I think You will love it when it gets to you.