Need help on what yoyo to buy !

Hello everyone this is my first post on the yye forums ;D, i am on a budget of 70-80 dollars ( USD ) but preferably around 50 dollars and i am having a hard time deciding on what to buy. Someone recommended a POPstar but according to reviews on the interwebs, it is not very stable. I’m looking for a ‘’ main throw ‘’ and the G-Funk seems to be nice.
My criteria is, grindable, sleeps well, good rim weight ( obviously ), good balance and can play fast. Grinding is not a priority. These yoyos seem nice, Super G, Frantic, DV888, Raptor and maybe a tactic.

Click on this link if you can find something to recommend, ( budget 100 sgd = around 80 usd )

Thanks !!

Oops !!! I forgot, currently, i have a legacy 2 and im a fairly advanced player ( currently learning superman )

C3yoyodesign Di Base.
Or, add a little and get the Capless!
Even cheaper, plastic - The Northstar or Protostar - also great yoyos! Though probably not that much of a upgrade from the Legacy As the metals listed

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you should definitely get something from recrev. They never get much attention, but they make some of my favorite yo-yos out there and have really low prices.

all of these suggestions are great but look at this please,46887.0.html its hopefully really helpful

and no im not just sending him there cause its my thread im sending him there because it actually helps

it doesn’t grind well but the Dark Magic 2 fits all the other criteria.

i would pick up a protostar i still constantly play mine, its a great all around yoyo that will last you forever but if you want a metal recrev or yyf is the way to go both make really nice metals at a really low price

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