Nova vs Yuuksta vs G-funk

Looking to add another 50mm to the collection, and just wanted to hear some opinions. I’ve played the Cafe Racer and I adore it. Undersized, smooth, light, and fairly floaty imo. My preferences aren’t too specific though, as long as it doesn’t feel like a brick on a string I don’t really complain. I’m specifically looking at YYF’s because I don’t own any of their metals. I own metals from multiple other companies and I wanted to give YYF a try, so please stick to recommending their throws.


There all amazing,you can’t go wrong with either one.its just personal preference . I like the yuuktsa the best out of these maybe cuz I’m a big fan of the genesis.All of these are just undersized yoyos of the supernova , super g and the genesis.Like I said before its personal preference but I would go with the yuuktsa and put a 10 ball konkave(twisted trifecta) and it will be the most smoothest thing :wink:

i have all three and strongly recommend the nova probably my favorite fundamental right now