Whats a small sized premium yoyo?

Smaller then the G5, around hectic sizeed

Dunno how small you’re wanting to go but… Big Deal? Mighty Flea?

nothing over 120, and not that small, like hectic sized


i was thinking that to, I just hope the have that in chico, thats where im going to buy my newest yoyo

Campfire’s rock! Plus they are pocket sized which is even better in my preference.

they dont :frowning: i was there last sunday

M1, Frantic, Hectic, RecRev I, If you could go for a wider throw, Dv888, Project 1 and 2, Y Factor.

888x. Smooth, undersized, Hubstacks, $100 price tag, just perfect. ;D

I second that, or get a boss if you dont want hubstacks.

I third that if that’s even a word.

the skyline is almost like an 888 sized superstar. but I think the 888x is the way to go, even though the only preference you told us is size…

Y Factor might be worth looking at. Probably won’tget that one at birdinhand though.


saint eel, by ILYY!!!

Skyline is a really great yoyo. It’s possibly my second favorite yoyo by YYF. DV888 being the first.

I ONLY buy small yoyos, and these are the best i’ve found

cream (haven’t tried milks)
project (haven’t tried p2)

all of these are very smooth and are great deals for their price.

Your choice!


wooly marmot, hatrick, dingo,