Best I can get for $100?









A 54 would be to me, by far, the most beast yoyo at this range.


I think I’ll just go with the 888x. Hubstacks, smooth and looks good.


O.K. 888x will be so good.


Check out CLYW, OneDrop, or SPYY.


Save $20; Get a OneDrop Y-Factor.
You can’t go wrong with that yoyo.


the OneDrop 54 is the smoothest yoyo ever (In my opinion) and the side-effects make for a really nice throw.




full size: 54 (and I want to say SPYY addiction)
undersize, I have yet to find, the only ones I have that are objectively better than my dv888 cost more than $100

y factor is cool tho, but I don’t have one


I have 2 y-Factor’s and 2- 54’s. I would agree that the 54 is a superior yoyo. But it is only $100 when you can find a solid color one. The two I have are special finishes and I paid $110+ for each - so maybe I did not consider the 54 as much as I should have.

If you can find a new OD54 for $100 cost to you - I would buy it too. The recommendation for the y-factor is just to save some scratch. I you are not sure about the 54 - get the y-Factor and save $25 (you can save even more if try hard enough).

Both choices are fabulous yo-yos.


Any of String theorys undersized throws are under 100

Not to mention every one of them are smooth as butter.