Best bang for the buck? (around $100 that is)

I am quite new to this but I have completely fallen in love. c:
I currently only have a dark magic 2 and was looking into buying the 888x, but because it is $100 I was wondering if there was anything better for around the price, like maybe something from Spyy.

I know there is no “best” yoyo.
I’m looking for something stable, fast, full metal, smooth, preferably lighter and probably smaller than the norm. It would probably be the only other throw I will be able to buy for a long time so I wanted it to be something I could use extensively. I am a bit lenient on the price range.

I hate to be the noob here but thought some nice experts could help me make an educated choice as to stick to buying the 888x or get something that would be better for the money.

Thank you everyone for reading, I really appreciate the help! ;o; <3

I would definitly not go with an 888x. I thought the same thing but found mine undersized and too heavy and unstable. I would definitely go with a spyy or try a used yoyo from the bst and get 2 100$ yoyos for 50$ if they have scratches, unless you want new. If that is the case try to get a cascade. Mine is amazing, and completely good for its price. They are in stock right now for 100$

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I’d advise against the 888x. To me, it didn’t feel very expensive. I was able to to pick one up the BST (in near mint condition, mind you) for $25. Plays just fine, but not worth $100.

I’d take a look at OneDrop’s Cascade. Slightly smaller than average (avg being ~54mm, I suppose) and you can customize the weight with Side Effects.

You may always want to check out the C3 Capless. At $65, it’s one of the few yoyos whose play greatly overpowers the price.

I’d also suggest the Code2 if you want to go for something a little bigger than the Cascade.

I don’t believe there are any SPYY models that retail for less than $120.

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I gotta say, the SPYY Supra fits your preferences pretty much perfectly. My personal favorite undersized yoyo, next to the Cascade.

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I highly recommend the G2 Albatross. It simply does everything well. It is a bit larger in diameter than the Cascade, but to me it feels smaller and faster. I too want an 888x but I’ve been talked out of it more than once. Good but not great is what I’ve been told. The Albatross and Cascade are great.

If I could have just one yoyo, I’d go with the Albatross because it is the one that does it all.

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Don’t get the 888x… if you want to go with YYF still though, I’d recommend getting a Genesis or Supernova. Those are two pretty amazing throws and they aren’t even $100. Both very popular for competition (and for winning them!).

If you want to branch out from YYF, I would highly recommend getting a OD Code 2. It’s exactly $100 and is probably one of the best yoyos ever produced. I would say this is probably the best value yoyo for the $100 range.

If the Supernova and Genesis and Code 2 are too expensive, you can get a C3 Capless. Those are pretty good and it’s significantly cheaper. It’s a really nice throw.

But I would for sure look into getting either a Genesis, Supernova, Capless or Code 2.

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Looking at your preferences, I think an Onedrop Dietz would be for you. It’s about 50mm diameters, plays fast.

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Yeah do not buy 888x, or buy mine. I hardly touch the thing. Hub stacks are bit boring- I don’t like to grab the yoyo while in motion but that’s just much. $100 can buy you a y factor or dietz.

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Yeah, I’d avoid the 888x. The 888 was a standout yoyo years ago, but you’d be better off going for a more modern design.

If you want to save a stack of money I’d go for a God-Tricks Destiny. Fits your preferences to a tee and plays way better than an 888 in my opinion.

If you want something more pricey a One Drop Cascade or Eternal Throw Victory are worth considering. The Dietz is great if you want an undersized yoyo.

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Code 2, the end. Most easy to like advanced yoyo out there. I know of 4 people in our school alone (including me) that enjoy this yoyo, and 2 out of 4 were only learning tricks around the skill level of double or nothing. I kind of want to reaquire one :stuck_out_tongue: .

The dietz fits your preferences much more closely, but its unique shape and lightness makes it only good for people with specific preferences :wink: .

Or people with NO specific preferences. :wink:

Love my Capless (a LOT), but it doesn’t play “light” per se. Strangely enough (totally different shape and construction) I feel it plays in the same category of “feel” as the DM2. So if you want something different than your DM2, I would go more radically different than the Capless.

Feeling slightly larger in the hand than the Capless (feeling, mind you… don’t even know if on paper it’s larger or not), the Code 2 still plays lighter IMO and is ever so slightly more stable.

Haven’t played a Dietz, but I think it’s my “must have” small and light yoyo based on every recommendation I’ve seen. (aside: Not sure whether my next yoyo will be a Dietz or a SPYY El Ranchero… 2 totally different throws…)

I really have to thank everyone for the help, I greatly appreciate it.
I ended up buying the Cascade and have been throwing it all day it works perfect for me.
I wouldn’t have found it without you guys so I cannot thank you enough!
I love you all ;o;

Right on! Even if you don’t make them public, you should start filming some videos of yourself throwing. I wish I had done this, and now I have only my memory to tell me how awkward I looked when first learning tricks/mounts I now take for granted. Wish I could have a video for a good laugh every now and then.

(not too late, mind you… I’m still crazy awkward with most tricks… should listen to my own advice…)

I have thought about making a video but purposely have not for that exact reason.
Don’t wanna see myself fumbling from when I was learning the new tricks >.<