looking for new amazing yoyo

hi all
i am looking for a recommendation for a new amazing yoyo
now i got the dark magic 2 and i am looking for better 1
i can pay from 80$ to 120$
by the way
what do you think about the 888x?

One drops are in your price range. Dietz, Code 1 and Burnside are awesome. The Code 2 is also amazing, and it’s trending right now, so that’s my main recommendation.

I might go for a 2012 genesis, it comes with a bunch of accesories, multitoo extra respinse and bearing, just a beast of a player

Anything by OD.

One thing.

Pricey Shipping up there. Make sure you get what you want.

Xcube la goutte
YYF Genesis
Werrd Pacquiao
Xcube Steamroller
C3 H5
OD Code 1 (possibly code 2, never played it)

best throws I’ve ever played hands down, probably in that order too

The SPYY addiction is the smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown. The A La Mode is a real performer. The Hazmat is my favorite Side Effect throw. There are plenty of choices in that price range. We need to know what you like to give you an accurate assesment.