looking for new amazing yoyo xDDD

hi all
i am looking for a recommendation for a new amazing yoyo
now i got the dark magic 2 and i am looking for better 1
i can pay from 80$ to 120$
by the way
what do you think about the 888x?

Dark Magic is already good enough, but if you want a yoyo with a similar feel, get the Genesis.

I hate the 888x. Period. I would really recommend the Code 2 by one drop. Best yoyo in youir budget from my point of view.

Wait is this a second one?

Code 2 is great and recommend that but if you want something for half the price god tricks bounty hunter is amazing.

Highly recommend code 2 as well.

Depends what you want. I find the DM2 has all the amazing I can handle and then some. Of course, I do have higher cost yoyos as well. But, I keep coming back to the DM2.

My thoughts on the 888x? It’s not a yoyo I have any interest in, if that carries any weight. I reserve the right to change my mind, but currently it does nothing for me and I have no interest in adding one to my collection.

I am adding some low-cost Magic YoYos to my collection soon, and I’ll soon have a Burnside, Code 2 and Dang added. The Albatross is really great. The Square Wheels Royale is really a good, solid performer. I could name plenty of others, but it’s all the typical “preferences” thing.

After those, my next objectives are other One Drops I don’t already have and the acid-washed blue Phenom and a blue Phenom.

I have re-discovered my Code 1 recently and I reminded how amazing this yoyo is. I’ve also recently aquired a SPYY Solaris, which blows my mind as well. Even so, the GSquared Albatross is one you MUST try if you can. The Square Wheels Royale is another well worth a serious play as well.

If you’re into YYF, I did play a SuperStar, which I liked so much I’m trying to get one of the Made in USA ones(blue). Sorry, I’m not interested in BST offerings for this one, I’m going all new. I’m kinda into a “stacked yoyo” phase for some odd reason.

There’s TONS of amazing stuff in your price range.

If you’re in the Sacramento area, I try to hold fairly frequent meets where you can try a lot of high cost yoyos. I have plenty of CLYW and One Drops, lots of YYJ and a decent amount of YYF’s with more on the way.

im in israel
and in israel we got just the code 1 should i buy it?

Code 1s are really fun, and side effects really change the feel of the yoyo hugely which is a nice cheap was to play around with weights. One of my top throws of the 75+ i’ve owned though is the X3 La Goutte. It’s seriously amazing. Get one if you can.

I would say yes. Since it’s there already, you won’t take the major price hit on shipping. Unfortunately, international shipping is expensive.