Gonna get a new yoyo...

ANy suggestions? Looking at about $80 max price. $100 is doable though.

A little guidance as to what you might want would be greatly helpful.

Otherwise, there’s tons of stuff in that range. Just off the top of my head, the ILYY Void is really nice for me. The One Drop Burnside I hear is really nice as is the Dietz, but those are very different sizes and performances.

I’m starting to see I have a LOT of stuff in the $100+ range… Not sure if that’s good or bad… thank goodness for BST!

You might want to jump on a code 2 while they’re in stock. It gets alot of praise, mine’s in the mail. I do have a burnside and can definitely recommend it. Just an all around well balanced throw that leans toward a rim weighted stable feeling.

I can’t tell you what you should buy with nothing to go on, but I can tell you what I would buy at the moment. I’d get either a 2012 series Supernova, or a Werrd Irony GBA.

Or a CODE 2, almost forgot about those.

I would highly recommend a Code2! It maxes out your budget - but a great throw!

If you want to keep it under - grab a Burnside

If you have a physical retail store near you, the Yoyofactory 2.0 is an incredible throw at that price range.

Heh, and less expensive, if you don’t have a Protostar yet, you should get one. Awesome yoyo.

a lot of people like the code 2 and they are in stock right now!

Yeah sorry I gave nothing to go on :stuck_out_tongue: but lemme tell you what yoyos I have first. I’ve got an 888.11, a Cafe Racer, an Asteroid, and a Dark Magic 2. I like undersized yoyos, but full sized is fine. Also all metal is what I’m looking for. I’ll take rim weighted throws too for longer sleep times. Weight doesn’t really matter that much though.That enough?

I would still recommend a Code2 - BUT if you’d rather get a smaller size throw, check out the Dietz - it’s a little powerhouse, and has the SideEffects so you can play around with weight.

Slightly bigger - look at the Dang or 54 (I really love my 54)…

My suggestions still stand.

Alright I’m gonna get a CODE 2. But a question about it, is it a great 1A yoyo? Since it has 5A in mind.

I hear mixed things about the Code 2 regarding 1A/5A. It depends who I am talking to about it. What I am able to get from the information is that almost everyone who tries it really likes it and it seems to do equally well in 1A and 5A, and that it’s amazing at both.

Now, me personally, I wouldn’t use a Code 2 for 5A yet. My skills aren’t sufficient enough yet. Once I get better I will be looking to experiment with more and the Code 2 might be one I go to.

I should be getting my Code 2 in a week or so. I’m excited!

Yeah I can’t do 5A, at least I don’t think I can. Never tried it and I honestly don’t want to. Anyway thanks I’m gonna order mine as soon as I get some cash so in a few days. Can’t wait!

Find an avalanche on the BST. One of my favorite throws.

It plays excellently for both styles, you will not be disappointed.