Need recommendations!!!

(Runez4lyf) #1

I’m looking for a new 1A yoyo as I have quit and come back. I don’t really know the market ATM

String tricks, not much slack tricks
$100 budget
No colour preferences
No hub stacks please
Experienced player




The c3yoyodesign dark sonic is a good yoyo for that price. It it great for grinds, horizontal, and any other play

The One Drop Code 2 is also a great yoyo at that price. It has a ten ball bearing so it is smooth, quite, and long spinning. It has a comfortable shape and plays well I any style. It also has side effects so you can change the look and feel of the yoyo just by changing the axle.

The Yoyofactory superstar is a great yoyo. I know it does have stacks, but if you take them off it plays perfectly and if you don’t care about color you can save $16 and get the ando superstar.

Those are my recommendations I hope I help.


Code 2. nuf said



Really recommend the Trinity, good with horizontal ( if you use it properly ) awesome at grinds, very fast let me just cut to the chase

Yyj Trinity + Konkave bearing + IRpads = best thing since underwear :smiley:

(SR) #6

Please do yourself a favor and buy a Code 2. That’s all you need to know, really. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

You’re all set!


I’m kinda weirded out that I’ve never heard of the Trinity until today, and yet I look in the shop and there it is… and it looks pretty good, too! I thought I had scoured this shop and heard all the recommendations before… but this is new to me anyhow! :-/


Buy that yoyo you won’t regret it its awesome and if you ask you can get it autographed by André Boulay


very true. He’ll autograph pretty much anything, He’s autographing my wrath. Should be here friday.


So he could’ve autographed my yye glove I thought he only did his throws and his card. I’m going to get my yyj bag signed and my new DM2 signed too :wink:


Yes, get the Code 2.

Most amazing throw around that price for a while. :slight_smile:


Hey! Welcome back! Anyway, a few good yoyos for that price range would be the code 2 (yeah i know that’s what everyone says), because it is so versatile (side effects and all that, as well as a great play range out of the box), the Supernova/ lite depending on the weight that you want (BEAST), and the c3 YEAH YEAH YEAH! I would throw in a center trac/ concave/ twisted trifecta bearing in there for some extra beastly.
Also, there is a dude on youtube who has a similar username, and is also from England, and did yoyo tricks and stuff. Was that you?


Based on this thread and on what I’ve heard, I would go with the Code 2. I have never played one (or seen one for that matter), but have heard nothing but good about it.