Im About to get a new yoyo! Which will be best for how i play?

Im About to get a new yoyo! Im working with about a 150 dollar budget, so which one would be best for how i like to play? I like intricate string tricks, things like ladder escape and white buddha. I Really want to get into horizontal play. I have been yoyoing for about a year and the only yoyo i have ever used is my dark magic 2 so i have no clue about where to go from here!

Im thinking Code 2 by one drop? I dont know, but i would some opinions!


How much do you love the dm2?

After playing with it for a year, do you think it is big? Too heavy?? Too responsive for binding??

Answer those and it will help us out to narrow it down

Every yoyo now a days is amazing. It is just about preferences.

Horizontal play, I will say the dark sonic. So stable!

Hey Greg,

I don’t have a recommendation per se since I don’t know from intricate tricks. But I would say probably NOT the Code 2. In the mid/normal-size range, it’s still on the larger size (dimensions, not weight… it’s not heavy or anything) and in my opinion plays pretty “deliberately”/slowly which strikes me as a bit counter to what you need.

If it’s horizontal you want to get in on, C3 seems to be leading that charge. Not to say other manufacturers don’t make appropriate yoyos (many do, including CLYW and other top-tier companies!) but it wouldn’t hurt to check out C3’s lineup. Remember, just because you have $150 doesn’t mean you have to spend it all if you find the right yoyo for $90 or whatnot. :wink:


To TTTyo, I really love my DM2 and have no problems with it, it can do anything i throw at it. Having never used anything i dont really know what kind of difference weight or size would make. I would assume i wouldnt want anything bigger in diameter though. As for responsive, i have a one drop 10 ball bearing in it and shims to increase the gap, its extremely unresponsive and i do like it like that.

To GregP, Thanks for the advice! How about the cascade, as i see it has a smaller diameter? Ill look into the C3s.

How much does one yoyo to another make a difference in what ill be able to do? Is there really any “wrong” choice here?

Its probably important to add that 1A string tricks is my first priority with the yoyo and i just want it to have the ability to do horizontal play :slight_smile:

I don’t THINK (I don’t actually know) that the wide half-bell shape of the Cascade would lend itself to horizontal at all.

Both Code 2 and Cascade are well loved for standard 1A fare, though. :wink:

I thought the Flow by Spin Dynamics looked interesting. You do need a bit of speed for horizontal, but this seems like it could still deliver when pushed appropriately:,57002.0.html

Man, there are so many good yoyos its hard to wrap my head around haha! Thanks for the info and i think what im going to do is go through the yoyo reviews and read up on a lot of them before i make a final decision :smiley:

tight movements plus you wanna do some horizontal … g squared nessie… also they’re having a give away buy any g squared from any store or their website and your entered to win a the new proto “triton” … which i can say is my favorite g2 throw so far fits my style very well… just send the receipt email to g squared yo-yos email

All one drops but if you can get your hands on a Cliff they fantastic at $155 also I think there is a Majesty on the BST I would go buy it right now if you can find it


Get the Code 2. It’s a 1A powerhouse, and it’s great for horizontal.

I also support the Spin Dynamics suggestion 100%. I’m a big fan. But, you seem like you’re leaning towards a One Drop throw. Great choice.

If you like One Drop throws, just wait a couple of more weeks for The Summit to be released, it is a CLYW and One Drops Collaboration and from what I’ve heard it is amazing! Also, rumors state that it will be priced at around $120, so that still gives you money left over for new string. The Code 2 is not a bad yoyo whatsoever and for your needs, I think it will do quite nicely. However, in my opinion their are better throws out there on the market right now, such at the CLYW Avalanche, Arctic Circle, Chief and Cliff. I personally would wait for The Summit to come out and pick one up. Worst case you don’t like the Summit (which I doubt you will not like, coming from a DM2) someone will buy it from you on the BST’s on the forum. Good luck in making a decision, but personally only you can decide what is best for you. I say try and find a local yoyo meet in your area and try some different ones out and if this isn’t an option then to buy them gently used and re-sell/trade them if it doesn’t meet your preferences.

Why not a Supernova? Voted best yoyo 2012 :). But for horizontal the OD Cascade is great. Also try looking and the Code 2 nautilus.

Get a RecRev Freq.wav. It’s good for just about everything 1A wise.

If you can find one. :frowning:

I would said get a capless. It is indeed no where near your limit, but you do not need to spend all of it! Get a capless, 100 kitty strings, and a KK if you never tried a centering bearing. That will put you at about 80 bucks for a throw that is AMAZING, and also a ton of hours of play with the string.

Good luck! and take the rest of the money left over and go out to dinner with your girlfriend. :wink:

I disagree. While it is a tad wide for intracite tech, it is still easily doable. You can stay in the uber complicated string formations longer with its ridiculous spin times. The string feeds well into the gap, making things like Rancid Milk easier. The size isn’t bad at all, it barely gets in the way. Undersized is usually inferior for tech, for you can’t stay in intracite string formations as long and it is more likely to tilt when string is rubbing the string zone. The Code 2 alleviates both of these problems. The low wall makes it far superior to the DM2 for heavy string wraps. While it could be a little more agile, it is plenty agile for everything but super hard and pop heavy chopsticks and rejections. It is fast, but not quite fast enough for me stock, but is faster but slightly less stable with ULs. It is outstanding at horizontal for a hybrid h/v shape, but won’t beat pure v’s like the Sleipnir. Trust me, I only do tech.

I trust you. :wink: Was only hazarding a guess to get the conversation rolling; happy to stand corrected!

One thing stood out, though: “ridiculous spin times” are not something I’ve experienced with the Code 2. I get far more spin out of the Avant Garde (original) or El Ranchero.

It has crazy spins for its speed and price. Once you run the 10ball dry and add a full length Kitty string it is so powerful. I can’t compare it to my Avant Garde because I’m running a totally different setup on it.