New Yoyo

I’m trying to buy a smooth yoyo and I couldn’t decide what to buy. My budget is $130. Size doesn’t matter. I’m thinking of MVP2 or is there other good yoyos? (I have DV888,avant garde 1,avant garde 2,and speeder 2)

One Drop CODE 2 or Cascade.


Well if you are talking about smooth, I can tell you that a lot of high end metals companies (CLYW, Onedrop, c3yoyodesign) make pretty smooth yoyos. If your budget is 130$ and size doesnt matter, you have a lot of choices haha.
My advice would be just to look around and see what yoyo really catches your eye. If its the MVP2 go for it. When it comes to yoyos at this price range, they all are pretty good. Unless you have more preferences I’d say go with what you want. And considering you have many YYF yoyos and seem to enjoy them, go with YYF. If you want to try something new look into:
C3yoyodesign (My favorite)

  • plus more I cant think of
    They all make pretty good yoyos that are smooth and in your price range.
    Hope this Helps!

My favorite to :slight_smile:

Yay! C3yoyodesign hi-five!

Also I forgot to mention, junkim. You might also want to get a yoyo that isnt so expensive, and get some kitty string and smoother bearings (If you bearing to comes with whatever yoyo you get isnt very smooth)
Just a thought

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I never tried toxic string is it good?

Toxic? He mention kitty!

Toxic string is amazing, so so amazing.

Kitty string is a very nice soft string for a decent price.

Well I just suggested this in your other thread, but might as well suggest it here too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say go with the Code 2. Amazing yoyo and can customize the weight. If you want to spend the whole $130, also get maybe a plastic yoyo, like the Adegle PSG or Asteroid to mess around with and not have to worry about dinging.

You should totally check out c3yoyodesign metal yoyos. They play SOOOOO good and smooth. My personal favorite is the Dark Sonic. It spins FOREVER and looks great!

High five is actually what the H5 means. lol