Fast, smooth


I want 2 yoyos. They should be under 120 $ I like fast and smooth throws. And I’m willing to have any shape and size. So do you guys have any recommendations for me?


$120 each or $120 total? Before or after shipping? Any accessories in the budget?

DiBase and Facade. Only thing that comes to mind. Halo is sweet too. sOMEThING Firmy is pretty great too.

I’m assuming $120 total budget.

MVP is nice, so is the YoYoSkeel Stalker and Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist. I found the Werrd Irony to be smooth and speedy, and would imagine the Monkey Finger Evil-Yo to have similar traits. I just got a YoYofficer Aura, and that is smooth and plays at nearly any speed, but isn’t available at YYE yet.


Assuming 120 together I would say a di base and a firmy I think that adds up to at or about 120

Now if your doing 120 each that’s a different story
I would get an MVP2 and a dark sonic


120 each without shipping


is dark sonic a nice throw?




I have a lot of great stuff that still fits under a $150 budget(total) that gets you two throws.

Firmy, Aura, Facade, Di Base… got plenty. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy and appreciate the high cost stuff. An Anglam is worth the money spent. At the same time, the Firmy ain’t no slacker either. There’s lots of affordable, SMOOTH stuff, includin brands like God Tricks.

At $120, pretty much any One Drop comes into the picture, as well as the new Avalanche. It’s just too bad you’re across the globe or else you could go through my cases and try lots of amazing stuff at all price ranges, ranging from inexpensive plastics all the way up to the TI-5(in price) and plenty at nearly all price points.


Okay, if you only culd chose 2?


It’s hard to choose.

I mean, if i didn’t know any better, I have way more choices. Pretty much unless there’s a massive flaw, almost any yoyo over $50(and in many cases under) are going to be smooth. V-shapes are often associated with fast play due to how they slice through the air, and undersized tends to move faster as well.

Looking at One Drop, there’s a lot of choices. Code 1, Code 2, Burnside, Cascade, Markmont Next, Dang, Dietz, depend what shape and weight you’re going for. Code 1, Code 2, Burnside and Cascade aren’t speed demons, but can all be pushed faster and they response nicely. Cascade is more center weighted. The Dietz is a speed machine that is H-shaped.

Looking at CLYW,ther’s the new Avalanche, and that’s about it for now.

So many choices. I mean, if you wanted some contrast, you could go with the 2 G Squared models: the Albatross and the Nessie. Completely different and under $120 each.

I could easily say Albatross and Avalanche or Code 1 or Code 2.


X3 La goutte comes to mind, super smooth, super fast. Probably my favorite yoyo I own, there’s really nothing I don’t like about it. And it’s limited, might as well snatch one up while you can.

Code2 KILLS Code1 IMO… Code1 is decently stable, sure, but i’ve never played a yoyo with less momentum.

Werrd makes really great yoyos, you definitely can’t go wrong with an irony, and the hour is absolutely amazing, and for the price you could get a good third throw.


Only commenting on this part for “differences in opinion due to preferences”.

I get plenty of spin off my Code 1. I actually in some ways like it better than my stock Code 2. Now, my Code2 with Disc side effects, well, totally different situation.

Again, preferences and opinions.

I’m interested in getting an Irony myself, however, I don’t make recommendations based on items I don’t have. I like those shapes. The Irony, the Evil-Yo, the Stalker… all similar shapes, similar prirces. I want to get the Irony and the Evil-Yo, so I think I’m putting those near the top of my wants list.


Okay om going to write up all the yoyos i want most and than you culd chose by them


Werrd irony, dark sonic, la guette, di base, code 2, cascade, dietz, berserker, facade, cap less


G funk 7075 aleminium


I was more-so referring to the momentum that it has coming back to your hand after, say, a long combo or grind trick. My Code1 seemed to not have much focused weight on it anywhere, the rims look kinda thick, but really aren’t in terms of material and compared to other throws of today.

My Irony(still have, probably will always) was the next fullsize I got after my Code1(gone quick) and it IMO put my Code1 to shame in that, among other things, it fly’s back to your hand like it was shot out of a cannon even after longer combos, and having your yoyo only climb half the string on a good bind after you hit a perfect long combo is just a bummer. (note the Irony’s thick focused rim-weight) Code2 is pretty good for this too.

Spin time has never really been an issue with modern Al. yoyo’s for me.