Need a recommendation

Hey Guys,

I am looking to invest in yet another yoyo. Unfortunately I live in the way north and there are not a lot of people around me that yoyo and as such I can only try yoyos when I buy them. So I am looking for a recommendation. I find I really enjoy stable yoyo’s and full size tends to be my preference. I Also really enjoy trying different brands (I currently own, duncan {FHZ}, yoyo jam {kickside, Lyn, SR-71}, yoyo factory {popstar, 888x, Yuuksta} , CLYW {FG Avalanche}, yomega {Maverick} though I would love another CLYW).

I am not opposed to shopping the BST either so if you are selling something that would be good feel free to PM me.

Thanks guys

any ilyy would be awesome they are stable and really really smooth
madhouse is a great company to look at
G squared makes some of the best yoyo’s ive tryed
C3yoyodesign makes great yoyos
Xcubed makes great yoyo’s some people say the la goutte is the best yoyo they have played ever.
the avant garde 2 or glacier express would be great
those are just ones off the top of my head i hope this helps

What is your budget?
I would reccomend getting a C3 Halo if you’re into delrin yoyos that are very smooth, stable, and a bit on the heavier side without the cost. It’s $55 if I remember correctly.
Another good choice is the yoyofactory Supernova 7075 Special Editions. The 7075 aluminum is a higher grade metal compared to the normal metal used for yoyos; 6061. They play really nice and smooth. I have owned a Here We Yo edition and is hands down tied for favorote YYF yoyo of all time: that and the Avant Garde 2.
It’s really up to you. I usually read reviews and watch unboxings and such to see how each yoyo plays and whatnot.

Good luck deciding!

One Drop CODE 2 = Full Sized, Stable

You should try out C3. The Capless is an incredible yoyo at 65 dollars.,46887.0.html

Sorry guys I totally forgot about the price range… really I don’t care. My cap is probably around the 130-140 mark.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Gave me a few new ideas.


the yoyofactory skyline is my all time favorite yoyo. undersized (i like slightly undersized) a nice h-wing shape and its really smooth and fast. $120 yoyo

Try the dark magic 2 or Yoyo Factory g5 both have long stable spins if that is not your case you can always go for undersized mighty flea bright side very portable but personally I like my yoyojam legacy 2

One Drop CODE1, CODE2 or Toxic HazMat.

All are full-sized and really stable. Also, they all have Side Effects which I think are really interesting and will add some good variety to your collection.


Maybe a 1drop code 2.

You can never go wrong with the protostar or northstar both amazing throws at really low prices