Looking for a new Manufacturer to try! Any Suggestions?


Hello there! I haven’t been yo-yoing very long so I have not had the opportunity to try many different Yoyo companies! As a matter of fact I only have YoYoFactory Yo-yos! (Supernova, Genesis, 888, Dv888, Loop 900’s) I’d like a new Company to try so I am looking for suggestions of companies to consider or to avoid completely!


You should try 3yo3 they have some of the smoothest yoyos out there


I would consider werrd, the split d is crazy fun! ALso one drop has been putting out yoyo frquently, and they are all well worth the money. I own about 7 One Drop yoyos


You should try CLYW, they make great yoyos, along with SPYY, and One Drop YoYos.


G Squared had an incredible release yoyo with the Albatross. I’d highly recommend it, it’s quickly found a place among my favorites.


I’m reviewing the Decapod from Tenyoyo and the Royale from Square Wheels.
I’m very impressed with both.

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One Drop. I’ve got 2 throws from them and I’m thoroughly impressed with both. There’s a reason why they’re on the yoyoexpert main menu.


Like spinmaster said, 3yo3 is great for the money. I just reviewed the Volume, but in a silly/cruddy vid…lol


What’s the price range?

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Thank you for all the replies!

There is really no set price range ;D


I have been trying yo-yos from other manufacturers also. I will throw out some names I have not seen although I will agree with Any OneDrop and CLYW wholeheartedly.

I will list some Japanese manufacturers and some of their models that are my favorites (if you can find them).

  1. Turning Point. Positron, Leviathan
  2. YoyoJoker - Double Joker
  3. YoyoMonster. Quickmate
  4. YoyoRecreation - Sleipnir, Gleipnir.

All are Japanese and cost way too much. But if you can afford one - give them a try.


Duncan, Yoyojam, and I Love YoYo would be my suggestions.

Just go down the list in the SHOP menu at the top of the page, and go through all of them to find something that looks good. I’ve only dis 2 brands, and neither one is sold at Yoyo Expert.


x3 i think are really awesome for the money. Not too derivative either.



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Not sure I can add to the discussion beyond what has already been said…

I’m a huge fan of all things One Drop - they’re making great throws, great selection of proven throws to chose from - good to go on any choice… above and beyond that - they’re great guys, supporting them is worth it!

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new company (so you can say you knew them first) I’d check out both Gsquared yoyos - the Albatross is the first throw, and it is sweet floaty goodness… with a sweet hourglass organic shape. They are working on a second run, and the word is the colorways are going to be crazy cool…

OR check out Square Wheeled yoyo’s - the Royale is a solid throw with the feeling of well balanced metal, incredible Anno work, and solid lines and edge…

These three companies are making incredible throws, the prices are right where they ought to be (you’re getting more than you’re paying for) - and best of all, you can actually find them - I love my CLYW’s but I had to be patient to get them, real patient.

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X3 and monkeyfinger are good company’s.


How about this:

Look at the brands YYE carries.

Look at your collection of yoyos.

Mark OFF that list from YYE any brands you have a yoyo of.

Write each remaining brand on a slip of paper. Put the slips of paper in a hat or box. Randomly draw one. Spend within budget.

Was it that difficult?


Awesome, thank you all for your suggestions! ;D there seems to be a pattern
Here! I’ll look into these companies and let you know what I decided on!


Duncan ProFly-responsive play, YYJ Fiesta XX-offstring, any looping yoyo, are all good choices for a variety of styles but if you’re looking for a sole 1a yoyo try the La Goutte from X3. It’s one yoyo I have zero complaints about.