Looking for a change.


Ok so right now I just need some spice in my life. Haven’t thrown a new or different throw since Christmas so I’m dying over here. Need…new…yoyos. Right now I’m looking at:

Gold ILYY Nile
Light melon OD x ILYY Sakura SE
One Drop y-factor

I currently have:

Benchmark H

I prefer stability and that’s about it. I want to experience something new and I know that you guys can help me out. I am also open to other suggestions so longs are they are here at YYE Right now

Thanks so much guys,


Personally I’d only but the one drops off the BST since they have poor resale value. The nile would be my choice of all the yoyos you listed. I did toss in a onedrop with all the throws I looked at though and even though some of them are not the most stable I think they all bring something great to the table. Haven’t gotten to try the Deuxieme myself but figured I’d include it.

Could check these out and consider there. Not sure what your price range was.






Bought a Yfactor. Playing nice. What should I get next? It doesn’t have to be on the list.


A good price range would be useful

personally think the irony Jp would be a great purchase or maybe the new c3 dymension since it’s a little cheaper.


Thanks Sparhawk. Ummm price range is anything below 125.