What yoyo should I get?

My budget for yoyos increased to $100, so I’m not sure what yoyo I’m gonna get now. I’m thinking of getting either an 888x, Code 2, or Dietz, but all opinions are appreciated

Code 2 …nuff said

Almost any $100 yoyo is going to be good. However, if you really want suggestions we need way more information about your preferences. I see that your favorite yoyo is the 888. Do you want to stay with something similar or do you have something different in mind?

I can tell you what to buy but then all you get is a yoyo that I like. I’d rather help you find a yoyo that you’ll like.

Just saying, help us help you. We’d all love it if you scored a yoyo that was epic for you.

What do you like? A lighter yoyo, heavier, large or small, etc?

Code 2, it is awesome and worth every penny on the full sized end and I absolutely love the dietz both are exceptionally well made and awesome performers and you can dial the weight in to your preferred feel. I don’t think you will be disappointed in either.

Code 2 is really impressive.

spin dynamics smooth move…

As for preference, my preferred weight is 65-67 grams. I also like undersized and full sized yoyos but not oversized.

Ok, right now my choices are…

  1. Code 2
  2. 888x
  3. Genesis
  4. Genesis+
  5. G5
  6. Superstar
  7. Dietz
  8. 54
  9. Burnside

code 2 would be perfect.

I’d grab a Code2 - if not that add $10 and grab and Albatross