What one drop yoyo should i buy?


I’m considering the burnside, code 2, and the dietz. any suggestions?


Code 2 and Burnside are pretty sweet. I would pick either.


Code 2 would be my pick if you like full sized throws. If you prefer undersized, the Dietz is great as well.



looks like i’ll be picking up the code 2 thanks.


Think about the Burnside as a Code 2 that lacks the side effects. Fixed weight allows the cost to drop.

There’s a bit more to it than that, but that kinda sums up the Burnside. Amazing yoyo, just a fixed configuration. Due to side effects, the Code2 is a better value as you can customize it or alter it for an affordable price rather than doing a swap-out for a new yoyo.

Given a choice, if budget is a concern, Burnside. If budget isn’t an issue, the stock Code 2 is fantastic. I like it better with disc side effects, so I have one set up each way.

The Dietz is undersized and more H-shaped, fast and aggressive. A different experience. The price is fantastic though.


a lot of great information, i really appreciate it. thank you so much for taking the time to reply.