Code 1 Vs. Burnside Vs. DANG

(Owen) #1

just want to know what you guys think about these throws, cause i want to buy one


personally i would prefer the code1… but what is it you want in a yoyo… perhaps what i would reccomend for you would be different then what i want…


I generally like One Drop as a company. I have the Code 1, 54 and MMN. Of those three, the Code 1 is my favorite.

The Burnside seems to be a must-have and it’s at a great price. I’ve heard nothing but good things from it. The Dang and Dietz are two models I am considering. Although, shortly after the Dang came out, people were trying to offload them onto me, which based on the timing, obviously it’s not a right fit for everyone. The Cafe Racer is so affordable in my opinion that I think I should also snatch one of those up when they are available in the color I want.

Actually, at this point, I’m pretty much not going to settle for paying that kind of cash and not get the color I am after, even if means holding off purchases. But I also realize that companies like One Drop can’t crank them out in massive quantities, so patience is necessary.

If I had to make a single recommendation, the Code 1 for sure. Budget tight? Burnside.


I only have the burnside of the three, but I would like to say that it is a truly phenomenal yoyo.
It comes in nice colors, and plays amazingly. I want a code 1, but the burnside is very nice.
However you are incapable of using side effects with it, so that may be a downside in your opinion.
I no very little about the dang, so I will conclude my post with this:
The Burnside is awesome, and you would be hard pressed to find a better yoyo in the price range. :slight_smile:

(Owen) #5

Alright, thanks guys for the help, i think i’ll get the Code 1

Again, thanks