One Drop Code 2, Code 1, DANG, Dietz, Cascade, Chief or Burnside?

I have had a code 2 and a code 1 out of these throws and love them to death! I like moderately fast to fast play. I like fullsized slightly more than undersized. But I hear good things about the Dietz. I like stable, long spinning and smooth throws.
I like yoyos to weigh between 60-68 grams. My favorite is around 63-66 grams. But depending on the weight distribution I can go lighter or heavier.
For the OD’s, feel free to input your favorite side effects for that specific yoyo and tell why you like them! ;D


I have a Code1, Code2, and a Chief - they’re all absolutely worth it. But if you cornered me and told me I could only have one of them, I’d have to take the Chief.

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I have tried a Chief. I prefered my Code 2. But apparently everybody likes the Chief! I guess it will just take me some time to get used to. Thanks for your imput! :slight_smile:

I will probably be buying a Cascade next week! Or maybe a DANG! And I will be saving to buy my first CLYW!

The Dang is the bomb dot com.

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I own all of these and what you’re asking is sort of like asking if I’d rather have 1 billion dollars or 1.1 billion dollars. I would gladly take either and feel great about it.

…but if we got down to it, if you already have a code 1 and 2 I don’t see much reason for you to own a Chief or a Burnside. Both great throws, but not really adding all that much variety, at least not enough for me to recommend spending $100+.

Dietz and Cascade would be my decision here. Dietz is very fast, but you have to want an undersize throw. That alone would take it off my list today since I’ve come to prefer full size so much more. I’d say Cascade is the throw for you…well for me, in your shoes.


Thank you! Yes i would be willing to go undersized. After all i started undersized. I think i will buy a cascade then some others like the dietz :slight_smile:

BTW with the code 2 and code 1. Since i already have them, those are merely here to use as comparisons to the other throws :slight_smile:

Any more imput anyone?

Just bought a Cascade, been playing it for about a week. Its a really amazing throw you wont be dissapointed. Its almost full size if you ( like myself) started out undersized and want to venture out of your comfort zone. But ill tell you, the Cascade is sooo comfortable, the shape just molds to your hand. I have some grey spikes and brass domes I need to try in it though, I’ve also got a Dietz that should be arriving soon so ill let you know how I like it

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  1. Code 2
  2. burnside (still in honey moon effect)
  3. code 1
  4. chief

54 is somewhere in their OD love

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I’ve nevef understood why people liked the code 1 so much
It never really appealed to me.

I hated the Dang. I hated its guts.
Heres the yoyos in my opinion

Code 2
Code 1

I think its just me, but I HATE THE CODE 2! I dont know what it is, its just not my thing though.,

yeah, it’s plays different than most yoyos. I love it the code 2 but I also don’t think the chief is as good as people rave. chief is a great yoyo that just doesn’t appeal to me. however the arctic circle is perfect for me

it’s all preferences

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Personally I am a Cascade fan. I have a Code 2 and a Chief (I find them similar), had a Burnside. The Burnside’s size was fine, but not a fan of the H-shape. I find the Cascade is much faster and smoother. Could just be because I prefer undersized generally :smiley:

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