Dietz, code 2 or cascade!

I already got some help with my cascade or code 2 thread. But how good is these if I get the dietz instead? So code 2 and dietz or code 2 and cascade. Help! ( and thank everybody that have came up with so nice answers. I really liked it!)

Just pick one and go with it. Sometimes you just have to sack up and make a choice. If you don’t have other yoyoers around to try out what they have, the only way to truly find out what you will like is to buy one. I’ve bought/traded for yoyos I thought I’d like, only to find out that I don’t like them. Sometimes the way to find out what yoyos you like is to discover the ones you don’t like.

Im going to go with a list of pros and cons

Code 2
Pros- Smooth Stable Long Spinning
Cons- You Might not like the shape and you might not like the finish

Pros- Smooth Long Spinning and a nice weight
Cons- You Might not like its size shape and you have to be precise with your play sniffy explain that better in his review

Pros- Nice shape size and stability
Cons- You might not like the finish

My recombination for you is to maybe find somebody near you who has 1 or 2 of these throws and them out if there isnt anybody look at what you have and pick on your preferences if you dont know your preferences look through your throws and pick the one with the shape that is different then your others throws

Thanks guys!

tell us which one you get

Okay right now I’m in at dietz

Out of those 3, the Cascade is by far my favorite. It’s stable, and plays fast and solid unlike anything I’ve tried before. It’s also the smoothest throw I own! I’d recommend the Cascade, especially with the two solid colors available now. :slight_smile: Just my opinion.

Okay thanks

tried all three cause i’m a OD fan. if you like undersized exclusively just get the dietz.

however, IMO I like the code 2 the best but you could easily like the cascade better.

do you want a wider smaller diameter throw- cascade

do you want a more organic shape that is better for finger grinds and has a bigger diameter- code 2

check the colorways to see which you like best. Imo the code 2 is more competition ready and cascade is a fun yoyo. Neither will disappoint and I would use either in a competition!

one thing to keep in mind is that the cascade might sell a bit easier on the bst because it’s newer but you’ll like it so much you won’t want to sell

Okay, if i going to chose two? Wich two then?

Do you like undersized?

without a doubt in my mind I would pick the cascade and code 2. They’re just plain good. I don’t like undersized so I wouldn’t get the dietz

if your doing two id buy the deitz and the cascade that way you have both ends of the spectrum and dont have to stick to one size of yoyo