Burnside or CODE2?

I’m pretty confused. which yoyo should i get? both has similar specs

IMO the CODE 2 plays much much better. it also comes with side effects, where as the burnside doesnt

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I have both throws and I love them both for different reasons. Right now my code2 is my go to throw because of how perfect it’s been flowing. The burnside feels heavier on the string to me and has a more precise feel. In my opinion I’d go with the code2 because it’s floaty and flows good on the string. But both are amazing.

I agree with Mondo. The Burnside feels heavier and the 2 is more floaty, so that’s the biggest difference. I do feel like the Burnside is a little more stable with those honkin’ big rims, and I prefer the way it fits in my hand, but I ultimately prefer the 2.

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I am a fan of the SE’s, they just give you much more options in how you play your yoyo.

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I would go with code2 it one of my favorites and you can change up the weight that’s a big plus.

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Hey there Redtwo! Zammy here from Onedropyoyos to help answer your question:

Both various throws are very different in terms of shape, style and weight. Some of the most obvious things involved is the the weight distrubtion, the shape and the SE.

The Burnside has a similar shape to the Genesis, so for those that have played with that, knows how comfortable it is, in the hand. Heavy amounts of rim weight is dictated towards the rims which cause this throw to nearly spin forever. Its design is meant for horizontals as well and out of the box performance. Although when you do bind it, it kind of hurts the hand. for 85 dollars you cannot go wrong with this. Its a solid type of feel.

Then there is the Code2, with a heavy flaired out rims and wide body while also having the neat grind rings so you can grind forever. It is customizable with the use of SE but then you have to be able to spend more money to have different weight options. Both throws are roughly around the same weight I believe and people have stated that even though the code2 has weight with it, it feels floaty.

Both throws are seriously amazing, but if you are going for your best bang for your buck, I highly suggest the Burnside if you can find them.


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Personally, I find myself picking up the code 2 for overall speed and agility. Both are great, if I had to choose one for versatility it would be the code 2.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys ;D. i’ve already owned an genesis, so i think i’ll go with the CODE2