Burnside / Code 2

I know these two are really nice but I can only afford one.
I like fast yoyo and horizontal play.Which one do you think is better for me?
Also,can I silicone these two yoyos?

Silicone? Yup. Either, no problem.

I think the Code 2 is the better choice. I have both on order and am waiting for them to ship but are delayed due to the inclusion of additional goodies.

Here’s why I am going to recommend the Code 2:

1: Side effects. The Burnside does not use the side effects system. Find the side effects that suit you and your style of play.

2: The Burnside was intended to be a fixed configuration. It lets the price get driven down. I’m not saying compromises were made though.

3: The Burnside appears to be meant for 1A, while the Code 2 is for both 1A and 5A with no compromise made either way.

Yes, the Code 2 costs more. You get a yoyo with a better design in my opinion, and a lot of options that you can take advantage of should you choose to do so. The cost is well justified.

The code2 is faster, more nimble and spins longer.
Both can take silicone and both can use flowgroove pads.
I haven’t tried either for horizontal.
There’s probably someone else here who has though, and can better answer that part of your question.

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