Burnside vs Code 2

I’m not planning on getting either of these very soon, but i would just like to know how they compare.

The Code 2 is like a more mature Burnside, plus with side effects and the grind rings. They have similarities, but I do find the Code2 to be a much better performer. Mind you, the Burnside is still an amazing competition grade yoyo. The cost is driven down on the Burnside thanks to the lack of side effect as an opion. It’s also not as good on the finger grinds due to the lack of the grind rings, but it is tumble finished so it’s still a decent grinder.

Ok thank you. :slight_smile:


The burnside is much more chunky and rim weighted then the code 2. Also, burnsides have a more grindable finish. The burnside does not have side effects, and i also find it more smooth than the code 2. It also does not have grooves, but the grooves have little effect on the yoyo anyways.

I dare say this, but i find the burnside to have stronger spins, which is probably due to more rim weight and it being heavier.
It is very stable, and it will not fail you when you are performing longer tricks.

At an $80 price tag, i find it to be one of the best bang for your buck metals out there, and i personally favor it over the code 2.

Code 2:

Another amazing yoyo. It utilizes onedrops side effects, which i am not really fond of, but many are. You may purchase several differnt shapes and materials of side effects, which slightly alter the play of the yoyo.

I find it to be much more floaty, and faster playing then the burnside. Also, to my knowledge, no code 2 has a grind finish. Code 2’s feel like they zip from string to sting. Ive had 4 different code 2’s before, so i would know LoLz!

It is very manueverable, yet controlable. A very easy to like yoyo, that is low maintenance and will not faulter.

Over all, i personally like the burnside more, but the code 2 is a very suitable throw.

^^ Yup, i agree the Burnside is a little more of a bruiser. Every time I think I like one more than the other, it doesn’t take me long to change my mind. So, I’d say they’re equally awesome!

Thsiis the first time i will ever disagree with you, but i found the code 2 to be a somewhat poor finger grinder, and i found the grooves to be mostly for show.

That’s why it’s good that more people offer their opinions about a yoyo so someone can get a more fair, balanced and varied amount of information.

It’s not important that you agree or disagree with me. What is important is that you expressed an observation that is different that mine. Between my input and your input, it helps the OP get a more well rounded picture. That’s what’s important!