OD Code 2 v Oxy iO

I’m pretty new to yoyoing and I was thinking of getting a new throw after I collect some Christmas money. I know the code 2 and io don’t share that much similarities besides price. This is more of a poll of what you think is better for the price and preforms best, not what is best for me. The only yoyo I use so far is the OD Bunside and I think its great, so i am just looking for something new. Feel free to suggest a yoyo you thinks is better for the same price, but make sure you tell me why.

If you have the io be sure to tell me what you think of it!

I’d say code 2 it has a more general adaptable shape not to mention SIDE EFFECTS

Io because the Code 2 is very similar to the Burnside.

The burnside was based off the code 2, so im pretty sure youll enjoy the code 2. It very easy for someone to like that yoyo!

I like the code 2. No, I love it. I have not tried the io, but their is literally no risk involved in getting a code 2, and the code 2 spins just as strong as the burnside, but is a little faster and lighter.

It was more based off the Code 1. I don’t see how it looks or plays anything like a Code 2. I would say get the Code 2, it seems like a more well rounded yoyo than the Io.

The Code 2 is essentially a Burnside with Side Effects. One Drop said that at some point I their FB page at some point I think. I highly recommend it.

I feel the code 2 is very different from the burnside

Thanks fellas. I plan on buying a code 2 in the next couple of weeks now.