$120 to spend on yoyo

I just wanted to know what yoyo’s you think are good. I have a 54 and remnant2
I love the solidness and weight of my Rem2. I want a yoyo that can play pretty fast but I also have some tech stuff. What do you recommend and or like. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was looking at in order from least to greatest
clyw avalanche, code 1, spyy pro, od dietz, yyf super g

I am open to suggestions

buy my blank label superstar lol. but forreal try to find a positron on a bst for that, it’s possible the best yoyo ever made

My next yoyo is going to be a Code 1. Only because I have heard so many people rave about it on here, I’m falling victim to it. I … must…get … one haha. But I’m not really a good person to listen to as I have not personally played any of those, just going on all that I have read.

Code Uno
It really is the best yoyo I’ve ever used. Period.

Or you could also look at the irony. I haven’t thrown it yet, but I’ve heard that it’s werrd’s best performance yoyo yet. and I don’t doubt that.

Wow, I must have the same tastes.

I have a DM2. Love it. I like the shape, the feel, the weight, the size. Of course, first real yoyo, so I may be biased. Bought a LOT of stuff recently. Love it all. Full sized, undersized, some oversized. Metals, plastics, bi-metals, delrin, celcon, expensive, cheap, new, used.

Among some of my favorites is the YYJ Speeder 2, One Drop Code 1 and 54, CLYW Gnarwal and BVM. Plenty of others in that list too, but I’m thinking along the lines of what this poster is after.

Of what I throw the most OF the new batch, and which has the most potential to “unseat” the DM2 as my go-to yoyo of choice is the Code 1, although the Speeder 2 is up there too. But, even so, the hands down winner is the Code 1. I just got the VM4 lube, added a drop to the 10-ball bearing and that thing turned dead silent! But I digress. I also like the 54, but, I am obviously preferring a larger yoyo. However, there’s honestly no telling what yoyo I’m going to carry with me on any given day. It could just as easily be a WHIP or a Freakhead(the new Duncan FreeHand 2’s with scary graphics…) or who knows what.

You like the 54. It’s a great yoyo. I like it. I like the Code 1 better.

Yup I agree with everyone, get the OD Code 1 it is really great, it is stable and can be preety fast too.

If you want fullsized-Code 1. If you want undersized-Dietz.

You guys are really starting to upset me just so you know!!! I want a Code 1 now so bad I can’t see straight…I’m dreaming about them late at night and have visions of frolicking through a field of daisy’s as the Code 1 runs sails ever so smoothly towards me! I know bad! Haha. My birthday is in about 7 more days or so and I put a bug in my wife’s ear to buy me a Code 1 and have all of the kids names engraved on it. (Not sure if this is public information or not, but One Drop said they would engrave any yoyo I bought from them for only 10.00. Another person on here had bible scriptures engraved on theirs and I thought that was one of the coolest things ever. So I have been biting my lip and holding on to my wallet. But if my birthday comes next week and no one drop…that is the first thing I’m doing is buying a OD Code 1. I was DJ’ing last night and made 75.00 in tips on top of my regular pay so I secretly tucked it aside hehe :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback. I think I’m going to get the (dreamed about) code 1
Also Is the dietz and undersized code 1 or a whole different category?

Thanks again

The Dietz is undersized, but it is a new design completely. So it is different than the code 1 in size and shape.

I took some photos of my yoyos earlier, but I won’t really be able to get to them until next week since I have some big shows to deal with.

Relic Code 1, Blue 54 with installed aluminum spikes and brass domes nearby, and a MarkMont Next next to each other!

(ducking to avoid bricks, rocks and heavy objects thrown at me!)

Another one was a CLWY row: Gnarwal, BVM, Peak and Campfire!

Monday, ordering a dv888 and a Northstar.