Genesis, Code 1, or dietz


I’m looking to buy a new yoyo and it has come down to these three which one should I get?


One of those.

Glad I could help. You’re welcome.

If I could pick, I like One Drop, but you’ve put me in a position of choosing between two. As typical, I recommend what I know. So, get a Code 1. Good luck finding one in stock somewhere, so scour BST, there’s bound to be one in fantastic shape available.


Dietz is a great yoyo, but it’s really fast. I have trouble keeping up with it sometimes. If you something really zippy, go with the Dietz. If you want larger or not quite as fast, go with the Code1. Both are very nice yoyo’s.


Yes the dietz is very light and very fast. But the code 1 is heavier but still light and fast for me. The genesis is heavier still yet incredibly stable because of the weight rims but I think it is your best choice. I say this because I like heavier with a bigger gap. I also have a code 1 and love it but the genesis is also easier on your wallet. So keeping in mind the things I said what is your preference?