code 1 vs genesis

which is better are the yoyos worth the price?
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I have a genesis but Im just wondering is a code 1 a good idea to get?
Im looking for a fast playing yoyo


Please make topics asking for opinions in the section I’ve moved this to.



Edit - It also seems like you are kind of asking the same question over and over. It’s fun and exciting to get a new yoyo so I understand. Check out the board that has yoyo reviews, that will help.

Good luck on your quest!

2012 genesis is heavy and sluggish. Good spin times, but no fast or lively. Best for 5a.

I’m a huge fan of the Code 1. Definitely an underrated yoyo. You can find some for great prices on the B/S/T.

I don’t have a code1, but I have a Genesis. They are by no means fast. If you want fast then I would suggest picking up an Attune off of the BST. Many people got them in the Mystery box and you can get one for a good price, probably less than a brand new code1. I thought my Sleipnir was fast but compared to the Attune it isn’t fast at all.

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