Spyy Adiction, OD Code 1, or Remnant 2


Like the all and don’t know which to get. Don’t really have preferences just wondering which one u guys think is the best


Does anyone have these yoyos I want to by one before Christmas


What other yoyo’s do you like? Are you looking for something similar to what you already have or something different?


If you’re gong to go with that kind of attitude:

Of what you listed, I have a Code 1. I really like it a lot.

Of the other two, I can’t say anything about the Remnant 2 other than it’s a shape that visually doesn’t pull me to it, but that means nothing. The Addiction, I like the shape of better, but am not really thrilled with the colorways.

Keep in mind I advocate having a variety of sizes and profile shapes in your collection. Variety is great as it ensures different experiencecs and helps you keep your throwing more consistent.

Oh, and hurry. You only have 10 days!! Better order now. Christmas postal lag can be killer!


Well if you want my opinion here it is-

the addiction is not a competition worthy yoyo, nor a good trick learning yoyo, it really does not spin that long and is not that stable. Also the bearing seat is a bit more shallow than most of any other metal yoyo so it will be more responsive and I just really don’t recommend it.

I have never tried a remnant 2 but I usually am not a fan of undersized, although there are some that I do like.

I have had 2 code 1s and they were both great, I love that yoyo. It is very nice and the best of the three that you have listed, also if you don’t like the way it plays then you can get some diffrent side effects to suit your style, it can go fast or slow and is a great performer, you really can’t go wrong with it. Great spin times, good stability and a great H shape for horizontal if your into that kinda thing, hehe.

Hope that helps.


Thanks a lot do u think the code 1 is better than a genisis or do u like anything else in that range that ulike. Also I have a dv888 protostar and dark magic those are my main throws now but really want something new.

Making a decision between six yoyos; $100+ range

Narrowed it down to either a code 1 or genisis and a mighty flea


I really can not pick between my genesis and code 1…I think that if I had to choose, and this is just a hairs margin of beating it, I would say the genesis. I can’t really say anything bad about either yoyo and I think that I just like the genesis more because it really was my first great performing yoyo (my fourth yoyo after, dark magic, axiom, minimotu)…look at it this way, if I were in a competition and somebody had a code 1 and genesis behind their back and I had to pick one at random I would be happy either way, hehe.

In that price range of the genesis and code I also like the pro but it cant regen to save anybodies life, and I am good at regens. I would stick with the code or genesis, witchever you want…but the genesis is cheaper…

Making a decision between six yoyos; $100+ range

Think I’m gonna get the genisis and the might a thanks


I don’t think the Mighty Flea should be considered unless you want to deal with a lot of frustration. It’s not an easy yoyo to work with.

Narrow it down to Code 1 or Genesis then.


He allready decided on the genesis.